WP Engine, a managed WordPress platform, raises $250M from Silver Lake

 While apps continue to grow in popularity as a primary route for people to interface with the digital world, there remains a very significant role for the web, and today, a startup that helps businesses build and run websites, specifically on WordPress, has raised a very large round of money. WP Engine, which claims to be one of the world’s largest WordPress hosts, has raised $250 million… Read More


Apple Highlights Relationship With IBM In Business Site Makeover

Onshape professional CAD runs on both Mac OS and iOs. Apple launched a redesigned version of its Mac in Business site this week as its love affair with IBM continued to develop. As the name implies, the site showcases Apple’s enterprise acumen and the new design focuses on Apple’s strengths in business. The overall site highlights the kinds of things you would expect in an Apple marketing piece like the symbiotic… Read More


Why my book was free for 5 days

KDPS I recently made Ocean of Dust FREE for 5 days on Kindle. Worldwide, anyone could obtain my book for absolutely nothing. Um… aren’t I writing books to make money? Well yes… and no. Why (and how) did I make my book free to so many people?

First the How

Most authors, especially in the Indie scene, are familiar or at least have heard of Amazon’s KDP Select program. It has two components:

  1. You make your book(s) exclusive to Amazon for 90 days. Your book is entered into their Kindle Owners Lending Library, meaning that subscribers to Amazon Prime (incidentally one of the best time and money savers on the planet!) can borrow your book on the Kindle for free. Amazon actually pays you for these too.
  2. For 5 days, any time within that 90 days, you can make your Kindle Book free. This is optional but usually the primary reason authors put their books into KDPS, as we will see below.

The caveat to this program is that your book has to be exclusive to Amazon. That means you must withdraw your book from all other distributors, i.e. Kobo, Nook, SmashWords, Apple’s iBooks etc. Authors, consider this carefully. By un-publishing your book from other distributors you are limiting your audience to Kindle users only, and buying in to the idea of a monopoly, albeit a limited 90 day one. After 90 days, you can either extend your time in KDPS or withdraw, and are then free to re-publish your book through other distributors. Caveat: Doing so negates any ranking you might have built with them, and your book starts from scratch again.

So Ocean of Dust remains in KDPS at its usual $2.99 price point until December 18th, and then I will withdraw from KDPS and re-publish across all formats. Ideally I want my book available in all formats. I am a firm believer in healthy competition and a reader’s freedom to choose any ebook device.

Why give my book away?

As a debut author, my experience was typical of 95% of first time Indie publishers. After almost a year, sales on my book were flagging. The reviews on Ocean of Dust remain high (4.7+ out of 5) and I am thrilled to have received very kind words from readers. The largest problem debut authors face is getting known, getting the book in front of more people. Audience is far more important than sales, especially in the early days when an author has to earn the respect and loyalty of readers one by one.

So I needed a big promotion. There are literally thousands of services that can help promote an author and his book, but there is one kind of promotion that beats all: Something for nothing! Who can turn that offer down? :) OK, so I could have just made my book free on all formats and promoted it thus. That would work great, but KDPS offers something even better: Book charts that are read by millions of people.

Here’s how that works. Make a book free on KDPS and promote it. As people download it, it starts to climb up the charts, maybe from #10,000 in the Fantasy category to #2000. More downloads, higher ranking. Amazon is smart. They put those rankings right on the book page so a reader can view them. Everyone likes to check out a popular book, right? Once the book hits the Top 100 then the lists become more visible, and downloads increase. The Top 10 lists are constantly checked by savvy readers.

Technical details aside, the more people I can get to download the book, the more people hear about me. Simple!

Sort of. Just being in the Top 10 doesn’t mean an automatic download. The book needs to have a compelling title, cover and interesting blurb. Never skimp on those things.  Also, we all know that downloading a free book doesn’t mean that it will get read. Some people just like free things, others want to get it before the price goes up. It might languish on their Kindle for weeks, months, even years. If just 10% of all downloads are read, I have just increased my audience considerably. And if it isn’t read… well, they probably wouldn’t have bought it anyway. It’s a win-win.

Before we go into the additional benefits, I’m sure you want to see the numbers, right?

The numbers

The highest rankings I achieved over the 5 days: (Remember these are Free charts, Paid charts are separate)

  • #44 of ALL free books on the Kindle
  • #1 in Fantasy – Swords and Sorcery
  • #1 in Teen/Young Adult

I’m very happy with that.

Country Downloads
USA 6406
Germany 161
UK 154
Canada 42
India 13
France 3
Brazil 3
Italy 2
Japan 1
TOTAL 6785

I know, we are used to seeing bestsellers in the millions, making these numbers look pitiful, but these are many times my previous sales.

Other Benefits

  • The Germany and India numbers were a large surprise. The UK I expected. I have since been contacted by over a dozen readers in Germany who have read and enjoyed the book. My first major push into a non-English country. :)
  • I was also surprised just how many people read the book in the first couple of days. That supports my theory that getting the book in front of people does work.
  • Within days, my social media numbers increased: Facebook, Twitter, visitors to my site, adds to GoodReads, subscribers to my newsletter. I’m sure these will continue to increase over the coming months as more folk get around to reading the book.
  • I have received dozens and dozens of notes from people wanting to know when my next book came out. That to me is the real success: turning casual readers into fans.
  • Even if a person did not download my book, they likely saw my name on the Kindle charts. When they see my next book, hopefully that spark of recognition will make them more likely to look further.
  • Most importantly, I have already made a bunch of new friends, readers and authors, since my promotion.

More on Promotion

A huge, huge thank you to everyone who helped me promote the giveaway by telling your friends, sharing my posts, tweeting etc. You guys helped big time, and I really do appreciate it!

This last bit is for the benefit of Indie authors. A friend did a similar KDPS  experiment a couple of weeks before mine. My numbers were much higher. Not because I had the better book, but because I took a few extra steps than he, and I strongly advise you do similar if considering 5-free days on KDPS:

  • Investigate the hordes of web sites that will promote your book, particularly those specializing in Kindle freebies. A google search will show a ton of them. Most are free. I used 12 such services for a total of $20. Choose carefully and be sure to go for the ones that operate email lists. If someone has subscribed to a list, they are obviously hungry for books.
  • Approach the bigger names like Bookbub. They operate genre-specific email lists and some of them have a quarter of a million subscribers on them.
  • Post to all the social media sites. This should go without saying. If you’ve been reciprocating sharing and tweeting for fellow authors, they are going to be happy to help you spread the word.
  • If you are sending emails, e.g. a newsletter, or to friends or family, be careful how you phrase your promotion. “FREE for 5-days only” is likely to hit spam filters, so be creative.
  • The one thing I didn’t do, and should have, was a Facebook Ad. For a small cost you can hit a huge number of people.


KDPS is widely debated among authors, some claiming incredible success, others none. I am extremely happy with the publicity I received for $20. :)

Would I do it again? Not if I am consistently selling across all ebook formats. If I had a well-received book whose sales are flagging, then maybe.


[KDP Select and the graphic above are trademarks and copyright of Amazon.com]



My favorite Web Comic: The Order of the Stick

Order of the Stick

Order of the Stick

I just love this web comic. Been following it religiously for months now and can’t wait for the next strip. If you like D&D related humour then this is the comic for you.

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Reading Now: High Performance MySQL

High Performance MySQL

High Performance MySQL

Well after my last book, I’m now reading High Performance MySQL.

My new job now has me working in a much larger server farm and so now instead of handling 10,000 users I’m handling many more times that.  This book will build on my background and make my queries work better in a distributed environment.

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6 Gmail Lab Features you should try

So I’m going though my Settings in my Gmail account and I notice a tab called “Labs”.  Interesting I think to myself and click on it and it seems the Gmail Gnomes have been slaving away at the nifty little options in their experimental features for Gmail.  Here are 6 Gmail Lab Features you should try:

YouTube previews in mail
Ever get a YouTube video in your email from a friend that asks you to  “Hey man, check this out!”?  Well now if you turn on this Gmail lab feature the link will expand inside the Gmail page.  You won’t have to navigate away from your message and have to wait for Gmail to reload your Inbox, its all right there in your message.

Flickr previews in mail
Just like the YouTube video in your message if you have photophiles that are always sending you their newest photos in their favorite Photo Streams then this is for you.  Expands Flickr links inside your message for you to preview.

Fixed width font
Are you old school and hate the default Ariel font?  Can’t align your ‘text tables’ right?  Well then this Gmail Lab feature is for you.  You can now have an option to view your messages in fixed with font like Courier.  Great ready for some ASCII art!

Default ‘Reply to all’
Always find yourself having to select the ‘Reply to all’ option at the bottom of a message because the top right button in each message is plane plane ol’ ‘Reply’?  Well, now you can change that option to be ‘Reply to all’ to the enjoyment of all your friends and family I’m sure.

Mail Goggles
Have you ever sent a message late at night to your friends or co-workers after a long night of drinking?  Are you an alcoholic?  Well then this Gmail Lab feature maybe for you.  When you have this feature activated you’ll be prompted to do basic math when sending a message during predefined time periods (customizable).  If you are inebriated that message won’t go out because you’re too smashed to know what 8 x 7 is.

Undo Send
OOPS did I just send that…unsend unsend unsend!!!  If you find yourself sending a message and needed to unsend that last message because of a misspelling, bad link, or accidentally sending it to the wrong person then you can turn on this little nifty Gmail Lab feature to give yourself 5 seconds to undo that sent message.


Reading Now: The Definitive Guide to symfony

The Definitive Guide to symfony

The Definitive Guide to symfony

Well after my last book, I’m now reading The Definitive Guide to symfony.

My new job has me working with the symfony Framework instead of the Zend Framework I used to use.

Here’s an excerpt from the book:

Why ‘symfony‘ and not ‘FooBarFramework’? Because Fabien wanted a short name containing an s, as in Sensio, and an f, as in framework–easy to remember and not associated with another development tool. Also, he doesn’t like capital letters. symfony was close enough, even if not completely English, and it was also available as a project name. The other alternative was ‘baguette’.

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Great Movie: Spaceballs

Great Classic Comedy Film

Great Classic Comedy Film

Was going though my DVD collection and watched one of my favorite movies, Spaceballs – its a timeless comedy.

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Reading Now: Twilight

Currently reading Twilight

Currently reading Twilight

Well after my last book, I’m now reading Twilight.

I felt kinda weird looking though the Teen section at Barns & Noble.  This young blond girl giving me a look half of astonishment and half annoyance as I made room for her to go by before picking up the book.  I ignored her and made my way to the front of the store to check out.

And Indian woman in a blue blouse showing one shoulder smiled at me sheepishly as I politely smiled an nodded.  Her eyes darted to what was in my hands and she then rolled her eyes – she purposefully did not make any eye contact.

As I checked out the clerk noticing my uneasiness said, “Don’t worry, you haven’t lost your man card just yet.”

So far its an easy read.  I wished I read this in high-school; boy never knew girls noticed the smallest things about you – I’m still oblivious to all that.

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