Microsoft open sources its next-gen cloud hardware design

80527689-6b4f-4ac8-bb93-25556376560c Microsoft today open sourced its next-gen hyperscale cloud hardware design and contributed it to the Open Compute Project (OCP). Microsoft joined the OCP, which also includes Facebook, Google, Intel, IBM, Rackspace and many other cloud vendors, back in 2014. Over the last two years, it already contributed a number of server, networking and data center designs. With this new contribution,… Read More


Open Network Linux Simplifies Open Compute Project Switch Configuration

Datacenter in blue tint. Big Switch Networks, Facebook and NTT, announced today that they have come together to create a unified operating system called Open Network Linux for Open Compute Project‘s (OCP) switch hardware. While the name doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, the project is designed to help companies, whether web scale-type companies like Facebook or others looking to take advantage of the… Read More


Facebook’s New Open-Source Data Switch Technology Is Designed For Flexibility And Greater Control

Facebook's new open source top of rack switch broken down by component parts. Today Facebook announced new modularized top-of-rack networking switch technology and a new Linux OS to control these switches. The company will eventually share this technology as part of its Open Compute Project.
Jay Parikh, Facebook’s VP of Infrastructure Engineering, made the announcement at GigaOm’s Structure Conference in an interview with Derrick Harris. Read More

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