A new protocol aims to protect privacy while allowing organizations to share valuable information

To use Lindell’s new protocol, the first party (“Alice” in cryptography speak) would create a key with which both parties could encrypt their data. The key would be stored on a special kind of secure smart card. Alice would then hand over the smart card to the second party in the scenario (known as “Bob”), and both parties would use the key to encrypt their respective databases. Next Alice sends her encrypted database to Bob.

The contents of Alice’s encrypted database cannot be read by Bob, but he can see where it matches entries in the encrypted version of his own database. In this way, Bob can see what information both he and Alice share. For extra protection, Bob would only have a limited amount of time to use the secret key on the smart card because it is deleted remotely by Alice, using a special messaging protocol.

Source: Technology Review

I wonder if this could be extended for medical records, where I could generate a temporary key that I provide to  ‘Bob’, a hospital, who would then read from ‘Alice’, Google or another hospital who has my records.  Keeping a log knowing exactly what was viewed would be good to know.

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