D&D Pathfinder Session 1

The Party

Bort Taberd – Human [native Chelish] fighter. The son of  wealthy merchants.
Toobufforu – Human [native Chelish] rogue. The son of the late famed opera singer (and known lover of young boys) Michelangelo.
Scarvend – Human [immigrant Khellid] sorcerer. Immigrant from  the bizarre city of Starfall, he believes himself to be a prophet of the void beyond.
Max Blackstone – Dwarf cleric of Torag. Seeks to bring back open worship of deities other than Asmodeus to Westcrown.
Jamir – Halfling monk. House servant of the Taberd family,  he is the personal servant of Bort.

The Adventure

A stranger who has been researching us and knew our names proposition each of us over the coarse of a day to all meet in an inn late in one evening.  We arrived to an empty bar, obviously closed for some time.  Our patron introduces herself only after barring the door and checking that the windows are properly secured.

She tells us why we gathered us here to proposition us in helping root out an unknown disturbance in the city.  We discuss the different factions in the town and whom could be behind all this when all of a sudden the someone is banging on the door and a young man’s voice could be heard.  Our patron opens the door for the young man as we all look uneasily at each other readying our weapons.  The man enters the inn breathlessly.

As he closes the door he tells us that the mercenary guards are after him and on his tail.  He then started moving anything and everything in the way of the door.

Loud metallic banging raps the inn door now as we fathom at least a half dozen or more men outside.  We all stand and get ready for battle, but our patron says there’s another way, a trap door behind the bar leads into the sewers.  The two humans in our hastily formed party look at each other debating whether to go into the shit infested sewers.  The dwarf leads the way.

We all moved hastily though the narrow sewer, closing the trap door behind us.  The human fighter, Bort, and the Sorcerer Scarvend have their weapons lighted by the dwarf, the only illumination we have underground.

Our patron and her cohort now lead us through the labyth of passages, each turn marked by a nearly invisible mark on the wall.

We stop briefly and our patron overturns a rock saying, “Good they are still here,” and passed out to us a few vials she says are healing potions.  We pass though a door and bar it closed.

We continue though the maze turning left, then right, then left again.  Behind us we hear the bashing of the door we barred…they are hot on our heels so we double our pace.

As we near pass some rubble where there was once a door we hear voices.  The dwarf recognizes the voices as Abyssal and what sounds like two devils hatching a plan on the inhabitants above, but no time we hear many footsteps behind us.  The human rogue, Toobufforu, bangs on the rubble door as we quickly pass and turn the next corner.  A half-minute later we hear combat behind us.

We continue and come to a T-intersection and our guides stop briefly to examine the marks on the wall and then go right.  As they pass a door it slams open and six guards rush though splitting our party.  Three run after our patron and her cohort while the rest turn to us.

The halfling monk, Jamir, quick to act, bounds though their ranks and flanks them.  We dispatch them all shortly thereafter.  We take their weapons and note their garb, but no time to dwell as we try to find our patron and her cohort.

At our first intersection we try to find the mark, but there is only a plank over a ditch at the intersection, we decide to to right.  As we all pass by the plank a goblin jumps from the filth and attacks the dwarf in the back of the party.  The human rogue, Toobufforu, bounds to the other side of the goblin but misses as then goblin withdraws running in the direction we just came.  The rest of the party turns only then to notice the goblin gone.

We continue and come to a dead-end, no signs of passage so we go back to the intersection and this time go the other direction.

Bort notices a door with cobwebs that seems to have been disturbed.  We hear combat from the direction we came early, the guards must have met the goblin by now, we decide to go though this door and close it behind us.

The door leads into another hallway that eventually opens up into a central part of the sewers.  A half-dozen passage ways going in all directions.  We carefully look for a mark, but can’t find it so we choose the right most passageway.

Our session continues here.

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