D&D Pathfinder Session 2

We continue our adventure in the Westcrown Sewers.

The Party

Bort Taberd – Human [native Chelish] fighter. The son of  wealthy merchants.
Toobufforu – Human [native Chelish] rogue. The son of the late famed opera singer (and known lover of young boys) Michelangelo.
Scarvend – Human [immigrant Khellid] sorcerer. Immigrant from  the bizarre city of Starfall, he believes himself to be a prophet of the void beyond.
Max Blackstone – Dwarf cleric of Torag. Seeks to bring back open worship of deities other than Asmodeus to Westcrown.
Jamir – Halfling monk. House servant of the Taberd family,  he is the personal servant of Bort.
Bindle – Gnome Illusionist.  Seeks to allow art back into city.
Koa – Elven Monk of Zon Kuthon.  Seeks to advance his deity’s  influence in Westcrown.

The Adventure

Our adventures where left in the sewers under Westcrown separated from their patron and her cohort.  A little backtracking is necessary in order for Bindle, Gnome Illusionist, and Koa, Elven Monk of Zon Kuthon.

Earlier that day our patron approached both the Bindle and Koa inviting them to a meeting held at a inn in town, however, both Bindle and Koa were late to the original meeting and did not meet the other adventurers.

When Bindle and Koa arrived they saw the front door of the inn broken and on its hinges.  Peering in they see several Black Knights, evil mercenary guards, ransacking the place, rifling through papers and otherwise busy.  One of the guards looks up and notices the two and alerts the other guards to their presence.

Both Bindle and Koa run into an alleyway.  Koa notices a grate that is slightly ajar.  A quick look around he also noticed that there are guards a block ahead, they seem to have no noticed them.  Koa opened the grate and climbs down, Bindle follows and then closes the grate behind him.  They wait a moment, the guards must have not noticed them enter.

Bindle casts Dancing Lights and they start searching for another exit.

After some time they come across the patron and the cohort.  She says that they were separated from the other party members when the Black guards attacked them.  She was glad that they came and led them north towards the safe house.

The rest of the group continued though the apparent maze of passageways when looking down a long passage way they see a light ahead.  Toobufforu, the Human Rogue, quick to react darts ahead of the group and notices that its the patron, her cohort, and two other people he has not seen before.

The party meets in a large room, in the center a cesspool, connected by four passages going in each direction, the west passage way turns north after 10-feet.  The patron introduces Bindle and Koa to the rest of the party.

During the pleasantries and an update where they have been we hear metallic footsteps in the west and east hallways, Black Knights.

The Monk, Jamir, Toobufforu, and Scarvend, the Sorcerer go to the west hallway.  Bort, the Human fighter, and the patron and Max go to the east hallway, while Bindle stays in the middle of the room with clear site to the eastern hallway.

Scarvend casts Color spray and knocks out the first two guards in the west hallway.  Toobufforu and Jamir moved in on the remaining guard and dispatched him quickly.  Toobufforu and Scarvend then join the others in the east hallway while Jamir coup de graces the to two stunned guards.

The patron, behind Bort, shoots her bow.  Bindle blinds one of the guards while Bort is fighting the first guard in the hallway.  The second guard drops from well placed arrows and an Acid Splash from Bindle – the third guard stabilizes the second guard.

Toobufforu tumbles behind the third guard.  Bindle continues to cast Acid Splash on the unconscious guard, laughing maniacally while doing so

We dispatch the guards after several rounds of fighting.

We head south and come to a room with Screechers, large mushrooms that screech when you approach them.  Bort notices the room is very cold.  As he approaches he’s hit with a blast of cold that nearly knocks him unconscious, we back up.

We look into the room and apparently some Brown Mold has floated into the center of the room.  A Knowledge (Dungeoneering) check from Bindle lets us know that we shouldn’t get any closer to the mold or use fire to burn it as it’ll increase in size.  We backtrack to the larger room and head west.

We come to an intersection with a passage way north, west, and south west.  We look for a hidden mark on wall to see which direction the patron’s safe house is located and we don’t find the mark; we go south west.

As we come to a tee intersection we hear shuffling coming from both directions.  The Rogue quick to react again moves forward and notices Humanoid undead that try to grope him – he tumbles behind the two in the left hallway.

Bort moves forward and is standing at the tee intersection attacking the Zombies in the left hallway, two more Zombies to his back in the right hallway.

Bindle and Scarvend cast Acid Splash on the only Zombie they can see behind Bort.  The dwarf moves into same square as Jamir, the Halfing, and and wave of healing energy engulfs the party.  Jamir tumbles forward behind the two Zombies in the right corridor.

After several rounds we dispatch the Zombies.

We find the hidden mark and it points to the south east – we head that direction.

We come to a door at the end of a long hallway.  The Gnome casts Ghost Sound and tricks the Rogue listening at the door that there are voices behind it.  The Rogue after checking for tracks and opens the door to an tee intersection going north and south.

We deduce that the passageway north leads back to the room with the Brown mold so we decide to go south after confirming the secret mark pointed in that direction.

We head south and the passageway then turns east to a door and continues another 15-feet and then turns south.

The Rogue moves forward and listens at the door and hears voices he thinks are Goblins.  The wizard Gnome moves forward and listens at the door and interrprets the conversation about a group of Goblins arguing about how to divide the loot they stole from the humans above.

The Gnome, speaking in Goblin, says “Hey guys look at this shinny gem,” and readies an action to cast a spell when the door opens.

A few moments later when the door opens he casts Color Spray and the first 4 Goblins drop unconcious.  The Rogue, Bort, and the Koa, the Elven Monk, enter the room and surround the remaining two Goblins.

As they are fighting the Max the Dwarf hears metallic footsteps reverberating down the hallway from the north and warns the rest of the party.  Jamir standing guard at the doorway turns and meets the first of 6 guards.

Bort takes out an Alchemist Fire and places it in the mouth of the Goblin unconcious near the door and then pick it up and moves to help Jamir.  Our patron and Sorcerer move and attack with her bow and a Acid Splash the guards, respectively.  Max moves into the doorway next to Jamir.

Bort comes around the corner and throws the Goblin 20-feet still with the Alchemist Fire in its mouth into the middle of the guards.  When it lands it bursts splashing its contents on the guards around it and burning the Goblin to death.  Bort and Jamir trade spots and we continue our attack.

Toobufforu withdraws and enters the Goblin lair with Bindle, the Gnome Wizard, and Koa, the Elven Monk who have been actively searching the room.

During the combat with the Black Guards Bindle finds a small chest with some gold and pockets the treasure without the others noticing.

We regroup and heal.  The Goblin lair has no exits so we continue east and then south.

We come to a rusted ladder leading up to a grate, a secret mark pointing up.  The patron says that this leads to the safe house.  Bort climbs the rusted rungs of the ladder and bangs at the grate.  A few moments later the grate slides open and a large Human greets us.  The patron identifies herself and the large Human male as her cohort.  The large male motions us quickly to climb up.

We enter an alleyway and then immediately funnel into the safe house.

The patron introduces us to several others NPCs that are already here.  We rest and clean up.

Everyone levels up and continues their same professions except the Rogue who takes a level in Fighter.

Later that day the patron gathers us all and briefs us what’s been happening in the city.  Apparently the leader of this rag-tag group opposing the oppressive government was arrested over some trumped up charges.  He is currently jailed in the city prison and is slated to be transferred out of town to the citadel of the Black Guards outside of town.

The jail has too many guards so we determine that its best to try to rescue the group leader during transport.

We end the session there.  Great session.

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