D&D Pathfinder Session 5

We continue our adventure in carved our tunnel under a church used by a den of thieves in the City of Westcrown.

The Party

Bort Taberd – Human [native Chelish] fighter. The son of wealthy merchants.
Toobufforu – Human [native Chelish] rogue. The son of the late famed opera singer (and known lover of young boys) Michelangelo.
Scarvend – Human [immigrant Khellid] sorcerer. Immigrant from the bizarre city of Starfall, he believes himself to be a prophet of the void beyond.
Max Blackstone – Dwarf cleric of Torag. Seeks to bring back open worship of deities other than Asmodeus to Westcrown.
Bindle – Gnome Illusionist. Seeks to allow art back into city.

The Adventure

Continuing where we left off, we are in a staging area underground in a rogue  hideout.  The room we are in has three exits, two of which have stairs going up to what we believe are buildings near the church and another opening that goes north deeper into the underground area.  Bindle, gnome illusionist, decides to lead the party this time, still in his tiefling disguise he follows the passageway north.

We move forward and look down the passageway to see more guards, but this time we notice a larger one getting coming out of doorway with ornate Breastplate and a Greataxe on his back – this must be the leader.  Their leader sees through Bindle’s disguise.  Roll initiative.

Bort, the human fighter, is quick to react and charges one of the guards next to Bindle.  Toobufferu, a human Rogue/Fighter, joins him and vanquishes the guard Bort just attacked.  Bindle casts Color Spray, one guard slinks down stunned, but the leader brushes off the effect.  He pulls his Greataxe out and rushes Bindle nearly killing him in one blow.  Bindle, retreats and is healed by Max, the dwarven cleric.  Everyone gangs up on the leader and vanquishes him shortly thereafter, but from the doorway the leader came though we hear chanting.  We see three undead skeletons just inside the door.  Bort move forward to block them from coming out.

He notices a tiefling in robes behind the undead skeletons raise his unholy symbol and Commands Bort to flee.  The others position themselves around the door only to have Bort run away the next round down the corridor we came though.

Toobuffru moves to in to block and damages one of the skeletons.  Max, the dwarven cleric, raises his holy symbol and channels Positive Energy to damage the undead.  The Sorcerer shoots an Acid bolt at one of the undead destroying it.

The unholy cleric through channels Negative Energy to heal the undead and then moves around the corner so he cannot be see by our spellcasters.

Bort returns and switches spots with the Rogue only to be Commanded again to flee.  We continue the attack, but the enemy cleric keeps healing the undead.  Bindle and Max, out of spells, take out their crossbows are but ineffective against the skeletons.  The Sorcerer continues to cast his Acid bolts at the undead.  We continue the attack.

Bort comes back and swaps spaces with the Rogue again.  Max heals the Rogue from a scroll.  Bort and the Sorcerer take out one of the undead and Bort, the fighter, moves into the room.  The Rogue tumbles into the room to flank the undead.  The cleric further in the room then moves to flank the Rogue and hits him with his Morningstar.

The cleric and the sorcerer move into the room and shoot the evil cleric, but miss.  Bort and the Rogue take out the undead and them move behind the evil cleric.  The evil cleric touches the Rogue and severely damages him with a Inflict Moderate wounds – the Rogue drops unconscious as the evil cleric moves into the doorway.

Max casts Stabilize on the bleeding Rogue.  The Sorcerer misses and Bort moves into melee and misses as well.  The evil cleric moves out of the room and heals himself.  Bort and the Sorcerer move up and continue their attacks, while Max tends to the Rogue.

The evil cleric moves back further and touches the bleeding body of the leader, healing him – his eyes open wide and he flushes with anger.  Bort moves up and attacks the leader still on the ground knocking him back unconcious.  The evil cleric withdraws with Bort and the Sorcerer chase him.  Bindle, however, intercepts the evil cleric and swings wildly with his quarterstaff hitting him hard.

Bort, slowed by his armor catches up and charges the evil cleric.  The evil cleric bloody from the attacks, steps back and pulls out a wand and touches himself with it, healing his wounds partially.  The Rogue comes around the corner and and joins the fight.  Bort and Bindle move to flank the evil cleric and finally kill him.

Everyone regroups.  We search all the bodies as Bindle casts Detect Magic.  The Morningstar, the Breastplate, and the Wand are magical.  Bindle identifies them as a +1 Morningstar, a +1 Breastplate, and a Wand of Cure Light Wounds.

We divide the treasure and Max heals the party with the Wand of Cure Light Wounds.  We find all the stolen merchant items and gather them up into several sacks.  Bindle mentions that we should check the three stairways before we leave.

So we check go up the nearest set of stairs though a trapdoor into a small house,  In there three guards that we take out.

The next set of stairs leads us into another small house but this time with a bunch of attack dogs that we kill.

The last set of stairs we open and this time we find some kind of abomination, a glob of flesh with what we think are arms protruding from it rolls towards us.  We retreat down the stairs and flank it on both sides as it rolls down the stairs.  The foul smell nauseates the cleric, wizard gnome, and sorcerer, but the fighter and rogue take it out.

We recover from the stench and make a final pass over all the empty rooms.  We find some paperwork in the evil clerics desk the appears to show that there are some officials in the town in on this groups activities.  We bring that and all the stolen items back to the safe house.

Our leader makes sure this information gets out to the proper authorities or at least the rivals of the officials that allowed the gang to function freely.  He tells us that we did a good job and that he will return the items to the merchants.  He also tells us that with this information that we would have some pull to get some officials removed from their posts.

We rest for the rest for the next few days and level up.

Toobuffru, the now Rogue/Fighter, decides to try to join the local Thieves Guild.  So we goes off on his own during our restbit by himself.  The rest of us decide that the crowded safe house is too small for us so we go look for lodging in a better part of town.  We find a building willing to rent to us with enough rooms for all of us on the second story.  We move in and get acquainted with our new apartments.  Toobuffru joins us later that day and also purchases an apartment adjoining ours.

We resupply ourselves and divide the spoils for all the unclaimed items from our assault on the tiefling gang.  Apparently there was an award for the gang that we were able to collect.  The cleric helps make some wondrous items for the party.

Session ends there.

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