D&D: My Fatality Compilation (Part 2)

So it seems that I’m pretty error prone and unlucky when it comes to keeping my characters alive while playing with my D&D group.

This is a continuation of a log of all my character fatalities in the same on-going campaign for your enjoyment.

Death #8: Human wizard, level 4-5

This is my far my longest living character.  This time I decided to have more defensive spells and not always try to get the attention of the most powerful creature by focusing on the little guys or whichever the fighters were focused on.  However, a mummy mage casts a flying summoned creature that takes me out.

Death #9: Dwarven wizard, level 5

Trying something different, and something with a little more hit points.  But even with a few more hit points it didn’t matter after having a Purple Worm roll over you after swallowing whole your party’s fighter.

Death #10: Gnome wizard, level 6

So this time my new character was found as a prisoner in a room full of Ogres the party defeated earlier.  We continue though the dungeon and find a ‘barracks’ that seems to be abandoned into a star-shaped room full of baddies.  Well I’m in the back of the party and a CR 9 demon decides to teleport next to me.  Unfortunately I don’t have Mirror Image memorized and he drops me to 3 hp.  I withdraw only to have the Rogue/Dragon shaman get dropped in 2 rounds.  All my spells keep getting resisted by the creature’s SR.  I cast Wall of Force from a scroll, but it doesn’t help as the cleric is off busy saving the barbarian and ranger fighting in the room.  I drop the Wall of Force and cast Maze from a scroll and the demon disappears – I finally got though the SR.  Next round, however, the demon makes its Intelligence save and pops back right next to me before I have a chance to move.  A swing later and I die a miserable dough of flesh.

Death #11: Human Rogue, level 6

Perhaps its time to try another class.  However, this apparently is probably the fastest my character has died yet.  So now that the party has a rogue I find a secret door in the room my mage just died in.  Great, check for traps, nothing.  I give the all clear and the Barbarian opens the door.  We see a hallway that angles to our right – I enter searching for traps.  I get to the end of the 20′ foot hallway that opens up into a crypt with four caskets only to step on a pressure plate I missed.  The secret door closes behind me and I get pummeled by 4 Wights.  I kill one only to become one when I die.

Death #12: Elven Rogue, level 6

The party goes back to town and meets up with my new character.  We enter and make our way deeper into the dungeon.  Coming to a large room with a lot of destroyed furniture and statues I find a secret door.  Careful again I search for traps and Listen at the door – nothing.  Opening the door we enter a 20’x20′ room with a door on the far wall.  We enter and are surprised by a room full of undead – our Barbarian, quick to act rushes into the enemy’s room and is quickly surrounded.  Each time we attack these creatures they try to Confuse us, as the spell.  The fighter runs away, affected by the Confusion, so I hold the door against one of the undead – protecting the cleric, sorcerer, and wizard.  However, some bad luck and I drop unconscious from a critical hit.  The wizard casts Lightning Bolt and finishes off the undead that dropped me, but also finishing me off as I go -14.

Death #13: Elven Rogue/Assassin, level 5/1

I join the party again, this time as a Rogue/Assassin.  They find me chained up in the room with all the undead from #12 death above.  They interrogate me and I join the party.  We leave the room and go back into the large room with all the debris.  I search around and find a secret door.  I check for traps, nothing.  I listen, nothing.  I try to open the door and a Ray of Enervation trap I neglected to find blasts me.  I roll a natural 1 for my Reflex save and the GM rolls 2d4, maximum of 8, and I die instantly…less than 5 minutes since death #12.

Death #14: Elven Rogue/Assassin, level 5/1

This time the party joins my character who is searching the next room they enter.  I tell them I am the last surviving member of my party and I ask them if I could join them for safety.  They agree and I’m back at it looking for traps.  A couple of rooms later I find another secret door.  Being careful I check for traps and listen – nothing.  Opening the door takes me into room with some kind of idol or pile of bones (we think its some kind of makeshift altar).  I enter the room and look around the corner expecting to see some kind of cleric or followers or something, but neglected to look up whereupon a 20’x20′ patch of Green Slime lands on me.  I Escape Artist out of the middle of them and back into the room with the rest of the party members, who apparently don’t know to first cast Energy Resistance [Fire] before dousing me with every fire spell or flask all the while a patch of Green Slime is eating away at me.  I become paralyzed and a second patch of Green Slime starts eating away at me.  The nail in the coffin was when the Ranger pulls out his +1 Holy Flaming Longsword, which became a +3 Holy Flaming Longsword doing an extra 2d6 points of damage to me as he attempted to scrape the Green Slime from me but didn’t know I was Lawful Evil…oops.

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