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The Group

Fighter – sword & board teamwork fighter

== The Beginning ==

We started the in the small town near the dam.  The townspeople were
repairing the damage done earlier.  We debated what we should do next
now that the situation was stabilized and the original mission was
completed.  We decided to go check out the sunken barge.

== Underwater ==

We explored the sunken barge by casting Water Breathing on everyone.
Other than a bunch of picked dry skeletons we found scattered 200sp
inside the barge.  The safe’s lock box was missing.

We then went and explored the bridge and noticed that there was
evidence of explosives (scorched marks).

== Back to the Duke ==

We, after a little GM hint, decided to go back to the Duke’s town and
report our success.  We had audience with the Duke and he
congratulated us on a successful mission.  He granted us ownership of
the Keep near the damn and gave us minor titles (not sure what they
are officially).  To each of the original members in the group (only
Rob), received 2,000gp while everyone else received 1,000gp for
helping him.

We asked the Duke about other reports coming in from other parts of
the Kingdom.  He said that Giant activity was increasing but nothing
out of the ordinary.  Just then a page burst into the room and said
that the town was being attacked.  We immediately rushed out of the
room to defend the town.

== The Defense ==

When we arrived at the South gate and we saw three Stone Giants
throwing stones at the walls – combat ensured.  The Rogue and the
Witch moved into the small wooden 10-foot towers.  The Cleric cast
Confusion on the Giants, but they did not seem to be affected.  The
Fighter/Cleric started shooting at the Giants from the back of the
party.  The Paladin/Sorcerer cast Fireball from a wand and caught the
giants and the two wooden towers in the blast.   Then the giants’
boulders broke the gates open and one of the giants rushed through –
the Fighter intercepted.

The Witch and the Rogue climbed down from the burning towers and
attacked the Giants outside the gates while the rest of us focused on
the giant on the Fighter.

The Ranger noticed some sounds of combat coming from the northwest at
another gate.  The Paladin/Sorcerer cast Levitate and moved up to
survey the scene.  Just as we were about to finish killing the last
giant the Paladin/Sorcerer noticed a large red winged creature flying
in over the water towards us and alerted the party.

== The Dragon ==

The Ranger and the Witch started running towards the West gate.  The
Fighter/Cleric casts Resist Energy (Fire) on himself.  The Cleric cast
Protection from Energy (Fire) and Invisibility on himself the Red
Dragon perched itself on one of the buildings to the east of us and
breathed on the Fighter, the Paladin/Sorcerer, and the Rogue.  The
Fighter took the full brunt of the blast while the Paladin/Sorcerer
partially evaded the blast and the Rogue deftly avoided the fire.  The
Cleric summoned 5 Small Air Elementals that started pestering the
Dragon ineffectively.

The Fighter/Cleric pelted the Dragon bolt after bolt grabbing the
attention of the Dragon.  The Fighter ran into a building that was not
on fire.  The Paladin/Sorcerer moved around one of the building to the
South of the Dragon.  The Rogue moved to an edge of a building near
the Dragon to prepare sneak attack.  The Cleric ran adjacent to the
Fighter/Cleric and cast Blessing of Fervor on himself, the
Fighter/Cleric, and the Rogue.

The Dragon flew from its perch and landed next to the Cleric and bit
him.  The Rogue awkwardly tumbled into flanking position and struck
the Dragon with a bleeding sneak attack.  The Fighter/Cleric struck
true with more bolts into the Dragon. The Cleric cast Grace
defensively and moved away from the Dragon while placing having the 5
Small Earth Elementals place themselves between the Dragon and the
Fighter/Cleric and himself.

The Dragon flew up taking an attack of opportunity from the Rogue and
the five elementals flanking it and then moved to breath again.  The
Rogue against nimbly evaded the blast.  All five elementals were
singed to a crisp.  The Fighter/Cleric and the Cleric were both
absorbed the blast with their protective spells.

Another round of bolts and arrows hitting the Dragon forced it to flee
to the North East billowing fire onto the town.  About then the Witch
and the Ranger made it to the West gate and saw a party of at least 3
giants each with two large ferocious bears decimating the villagers.

The Fighter/Cleric continued to attack the Dragon from range hitting
the Dragon a few more times.  The Dragon flew away from the city and
was now back over the water to the East.  A 300-foot shot finally took
down the Dragon as it plunged into the water limply.

The Paladin/Sorcerer levitated up and started blasting the attackers;
the rest started running towards the West gate.  The Cleric cast Bless
on the runners on the way and a quick Channel to heal.

== The Bears, the Witch, and Arms ==

The Giants and the Bears started fanning out from the West gate; the
Witch and the Ranger intercepted one of the bears.  The Witch placed
the bear to sleep and the moved into the open on the bridge at the
West gate.

The Giants and the Bears noticed the Witch and the Ranger and turned
around to intercept.  One of the Giants attacked the Witch standing on
the bridge and knocked the Witch negative.  The bear they placed
asleep awoke and the Ranger found himself surrounded by two large

The Fighter/Cleric and the Rogue under the affect of the Blessing of
Fervor were able to arrive first intercepting two bears.  The Cleric
and the Fighter right behind them joined the fray as giant started
throwing stones at us.  The Paladin/Sorcerer landed

The Giant ripped the arms off the Witch killing him instantly.  The
Ranger continued to attack the bears that surrounded him.  The bears
and the giant throwing rocks at the rest of the group were vanquished
by some lucky blows.

The Giant above the deceased Witch blows a horn and all the Giants and
bears in the different parts of the city retreat – we decide not to

We healed up and made our way back to the Castle with the Duke and
eventually piece together that the attack on the city was just a
diversion.  Apparently a larger giant took a large boulder from a
dilapidated lighthouse on the outskirts of the city.

The Paladin/Sorcerer retrieves the body of the dragon.  The
Fighter/Cleric (aka Dragonslayer), takes a tooth from the Dragon
carcass as a trophy.

We learn the name of the giant that took the boulder from a Speak with
Dead spell on one of the giants.  Using this information we cast
Divination then next day and found out that the boulder will be used
to summon what we believe is a demi-god or sometime in the next week.

Another Speak with Dead on one of the Giants we learn the approximate
location where they are taking the boulder – about 12+500 miles north
east of our position.  From the maps in the Castle we were able to
construct a crude map of where we needed to go.

We tried to Speak with Dead on the Dragon to find out where its
Treasure horde is, but the Dragon resisted.  The Cleric cast Gentle
Repose on the Dragon’s corpse.

We left off in the morning two days after the attack.  Our plan is to
leave within the hour on horseback and try to intercept the giants
before they can use the boulder to open the Gate.

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