Webinar Tuesday June 27, 2017: MariaDB® Server 10.2 – The Complete Guide

MariaDB Server 10.2

MariaDB Server 10.2Join Percona’s Chief Evangelist, Colin Charles as he presents MariaDB Server 10.2: The Complete Guide on Tuesday, June 27, 2017, at 7:00 am PDT / 10:00 am EDT (UTC-7).

The new MariaDB Server 10.2 release is out. It has some interesting new features, but beyond just a list of features we need to understand how to use them. This talk will go over everything new that MariaDB 10.2 has to offer.

In this webinar, we’ll learn about Window functions, common table expressions, finer-grained CREATE USER statements, and more – including getting mysqlbinlog up to parity with MySQL.

There are also unique MariaDB features that don’t exist in MySQL like encryption at rest, integrated Galera Cluster, threadpool, InnoDB defragmentation, roles, extended REGEXP, etc.

The webinar describes all the new features, both MySQL compatible and MariaDB-only ones, and show usage examples and practical use cases. We’ll also review the feature roadmap for MariaDB Server 10.3.

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MariaDB Server 10.2Colin Charles, Chief Evangelist

Colin Charles is the Chief Evangelist at Percona. He was previously part of the founding team of MariaDB Server (2009), worked at MySQL since 2005, and has been a MySQL user since 2000. Before joining MySQL, he actively worked on the Fedora and OpenOffice.org projects. He’s well known within open source communities in APAC and has spoken at many conferences.

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