Polar Day, by Julie Flanders

Do you like suspenseful horror? Do you like vampires? Do you like Alaska?

Combine the two and you get a great couple of books by Julie Flanders. In 2013, she brought us Polar Night. Now, brand new last week, is the sequel, Polar Day. I've yet to read it, but I loved Polar Night, it was a real page turner! (Read my review of it.)







"The midnight sun bakes Fairbanks, Alaska as residents gather for the annual summer solstice baseball game. Amidst the revelry and raucous shouts of “Play ball,” a spark alights and a jogger bursts into flames. Detective Danny Fitzpatrick, still reeling from his near death at the hands of vampire Aleksei Nechayev, watches in horror as the man burns alive.

Someone is burning Fairbanks and its residents and leaving nothing but smoldering embers behind. As the city sweats under a record-breaking heatwave and unexplained fires claim more victims, Danny and his colleagues struggle to find an arsonist who can conjure fire out of thin air.

To Danny’s horror, the only one who may be able to help him stop the arsonist is his nemesis Nechayev. Will the vampire help in the hunt for a witch?"

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JulieFlandersSigningJulie Flanders

Julie Flanders is a librarian by day and a writer all the rest of the time. She is also a television show addict with a particular fondness for Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead and a slightly obsessive sports fan who cheers for the Ohio State Buckeyes and the Cincinnati Reds. Julie is an animal lover and animal rescue advocate who shares her home with her rescued dog and cat. She has written about the joys of pets for outlets such as Cat Fancy, Thrive in Life, and Best Friends Animal Society.

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Julie Flanders

Julie Flanders is a novelist and a freelance writer who has written for both online and print publications. She is an animal lover and shares her home in Cincinnati, Ohio with her dog and cat. Her debut novel Polar Night, a paranormal suspense thriller, is now available from Ink Smith Publishing.

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Julie Flanders
Tell us about your latest book?
Polar Night is my latest (and actually first) book. It’s a paranormal thriller and my take on a traditional detective story. The story takes place in Alaska and the title refers to the winter phenomenon of 24-hour darkness in the Arctic regions.

Polar Night

What genre(s) do you write/want to write in?
I love to write anything with a paranormal or supernatural twist.

What do you like most about being an author?
I love that I get to share the characters that exist in my head. And I love that writing gives me an opportunity to step out of everyday life and go somewhere else through my imagination.

What do you hate about being an author?
I can honestly say I don’t hate anything. Writing has totally changed my life and has been a gift to me in more ways than I ever could have imagined. But if I had to pick one negative, I would say it has been learning to deal with bad reviews. I am still working on developing a thick skin.

What does Untethered Realms mean to you and why should folks follow UR?
One of my favorite things about writing has been connecting with other authors. I’ve never been a “joiner” and in fact have always been pretty much of a loner, but writing has changed that. I was very excited when I was asked to join UR and I’m proud to be part of such a talented group. I encourage readers to follow UR because I think there is something for everyone under the UR umbrella. Anyone who enjoys speculative fiction will find something to love among our books.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not writing?
I love to read and I’m a total tv junkie. I also love walking and taking my dog on various adventures.

What’s the most fun you’ve had writing a scene or character and why?
I loved writing the character of Aleksei, who is the antagonist in Polar Night. He’s drop-dead gorgeous, so it was fun to imagine him in my mind!

If you could live as one of your characters, whom would you choose and why?
I don’t think I’d want to be any of them. I love to write dark stories and I don’t have any problem putting my characters through all kinds of pain and turmoil. George R.R. Martin is my writing idol so if you’re familiar at all with Game of Thrones or A Song of Ice and Fire you know that’s enough said.

Tell us a secret, something few people know about you!
I used to work in a psychiatric hospital and I was the on-call emergency clinician responsible for assessing suicide and homicide risks. I only did this for about 6 months but it’s safe to say it was quite an experience!

What’s your next book about? Go on, tease us!
My next book is called The Ghosts of Aquinnah and it is set on the island of Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts in both the 1880s and the present day. It’s hard to pick a genre for the book but I’d say it is a combination of ghost story, love story, historical fiction, and mystery.

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