Alluxio launches its memory-centric storage system for big data workloads

BIERE, GERMANY - JULY 01: Close-up of cables and LED lights in the new data center of T-Systems, a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom AG on July 01, 2014, in Biere, Germany. T-Systems is the largest German and one of the largest European IT services companies. (Photo by Thomas Trutschel/Photothek via Getty Images) Alluxio, formerly known as Tachyon, raised a $7.5 million Series A round led by Andreessen Horowitz earlier this year. Today, the company is launching the first commercial product based on its open source memory-centric distributed storage platform out of beta. The problem Alluxio aims to solve is that while most businesses now create massive amounts of data, they often store them in a… Read More

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