Altiscale’s latest cloud service brings Hadoop to business users

Man reaching for tablet with lots of data on it. Altiscale, a company that has always been about reducing the complexity related to using Hadoop, has taken that to the next level today with the release of Altiscale Insight Cloud, a cloud service aimed at making Hadoop accessible to business users.
Altiscale Insight Cloud provides services for data ingestion, processing, analysis and visualization. That includes the ability to… Read More


Altiscale Lands $30M To Continue Building Hadoop Cloud Service

Drawing of man holding a database cluster in his hand with the earth at the center. When you think of Hadoop, you probably think of a complex on-premises set up in your data center, but Altiscale wants to reduce some of that complexity by moving the whole thing to the cloud and offering Hadoop as a service. Today it got $30M in Series B funding to continue that quest. The round is led by Northgate, with participation from previous investors Sequoia Capital and General… Read More

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