Amplitude raises another $30M for its product-focused analytics tools

Spenser Skates, Curtis Liu Amplitude has raised $30 million to fund what CEO Spenser Skates said is a mission of “helping product people build better products.” That’s not quite how Amplitude pitched itself initially, which was more about undercutting other analytics companies on price. Skates (pictured above with his co-founder Curtis Liu) said this is less a change in direction for the company than a… Read More


Analytics startup Amplitude raises $15M

amplitude Amplitude announced this morning that it has raised $15 million in Series B funding.
In the past, the web and mobile analytics company has pitched itself as a more affordable alternative to Mixpanel. More recently, CEO Spenser Skates said the bigger vision is to make user data available to everyone in a company, not just data scientists.
“It’s so easy to look up any piece of… Read More

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