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My Ocean of Dust audiobook is going on tour between the 7th and 25th of this month – a sort of post-Independence Day parade. A bunch of great blogs are taking part, pretty much one a day. The full list is below.

Why not visit and support some of these review blogs. They’re a great way to learn about cool new books to read. If you do, you can also read and listen to some excerpts from Ocean of Dust. Plus… a chance to win a $20 Amazon gift card.


Ocean of Dust now on Audiobook


The title says it all: Ocean of Dust is now available on audiobook. My narrator, Becky Doughty, did a fantastic job bringing each character alive. You can hear a free sample on Amazon or Audible.

Check it out here:



Coming soon on iTunes too, and you can also find it on the UK stores for Amazon and Audible. If you make Ocean of Dust the first book you buy when opening a new Audible membership then I get a bonus!

Please tell your friends that love audiobooks, thank you.


Audiobook of “Ocean of Dust” – In Production

oceanofdustaudiobook250 I talked all last year about an audiobook version of Ocean of Dust, and it is finally in production! At left is the cover art, a little different to the book versions because audiobook covers are square.

Below is a sample to whet your appetite, but first a little bit about the production. The narrator is the wonderful Becky Doughty. She and her husband recently started an audiobook production service called BraveHearts. I love what I’ve heard of her narration so far – very expressive and fun, and I can’t imagine how she keeps all the different voices in her head. Pop over to her site if you want to hear samples of her reading from other books.

We’re collaborating using Amazon’s awesome ACX service, and the audiobook will be available on Amazon (obviously), audible.com and iTunes.

We’re shooting for a release in April this year. Watch this space!

BraveHeartsAnd as promised, here’s a sample from near the beginning of Chapter 2 where Lissa and the snobby boy Lyndon are chained on a boat dock:


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