Congratulating Marcelo Altmann on his Promotion to Oracle ACE!

Marcelo Altmann promotion to Oracle ACE

Marcelo Altmann promotion to Oracle ACEWe’re excited to share that Marcelo Altmann from the Percona Server Engineering Team has just been promoted from Oracle ACE Associate to Oracle ACE.


The Oracle ACE Program recognizes and rewards community members for their technical contributions to the Oracle community.

Marcelo initially joined Percona as a senior support engineer in our global services organization, where he helped customers with running their MySQL-based environments. In early 2020, he joined our Server Engineering team and has been actively involved in the development of Percona Server for MySQL and Percona XtraBackup since then.

Marcelo’s contributions to the MySQL ecosystem are countless – he’s an active blogger, he regularly submits bug reports to the MySQL team, organizes local and virtual meetups, and also contributes patches and bug fixes.

Congratulations again, Marcelo, we’re proud to have you on our team!


Percona Monitoring and Management a Trend Setting Product for 2018

DBTA Trend-Setting Products in Data and Information Management for 2018

…but don’t just take our word for it…

Percona Monitoring and Management
DBTA Trend-Setting Products for 2018

The online industry news magazine Database Trends and Applications (DBTA) has included Percona Monitoring and Management in its roundup of Trend-Setting Products in Data and Information Management for 2018.

“…each year, Database Trends and Applications magazine looks for offerings that promise to help organizations derive greater benefit from their data, make better decisions, work more efficiently, achieve greater security, and address emerging challenges.” [December 7, 2018]

As well as including PMM in its selection of products to watch in 2018, DBTA has included a product spotlight penned by Michael Coburn, Product Manager for PMM. This provides a synopsis of the features and benefits of the product for DBAs.

While here at Percona we know that the PMM team are doing excellent work, it’s great they’ve had independent recognition. This news marks a welcome end to a busy and productive year.

The team isn’t resting on its laurels though! We are looking forward to producing further enhancements to PMM throughout 2018.

Watch this space!

About Percona Monitoring and Management

Percona Monitoring and Management (PMM) is a free and open-source platform for managing and monitoring MySQL® and MongoDB® performance. PMM incorporates some best-of-breed open source tools to provide a comprehensive database monitoring and management facility. You can run PMM in your own environment for maximum security and reliability. It provides thorough time-based analysis for MySQL, MariaDB® and MongoDB servers to ensure that your data works as efficiently as possible. Recent developments have included enhanced support for Amazon RDS and Amazon Aurora.


Lovely blog award!

Lovely Blog Award Hello everyone. Whee, I’ve been tagged by the talented Lisa Orchard to receive this blog award! Thanks, Lisa. If you’re into mysteries, drop by Lisa’s site and check out her Super Spies books.

So, seven random things about me:


1. My favourite star is Sirius, that really bright star below and left of Orion. It’s official designation is Alpha Canis Majoris. I rarely go out at night without looking for it.

2. My favourite video game or computer game of all time is Defender by Williams. I mis-spent my youth mastering that game. :)

3. I am descended from Vikings, and a wealthy Jarl named Ing who lived in the Trondheim area of Norway.

4. The most magical place I have ever visited is the Great Wall of China. After arriving in the early morning, our small group of 10 had the whole place to ourselves (for a short while!)

5. I adore lightning storms, especially when huge sheets flicker across the sky. Alas, we get perhaps one a year here in San Diego.

6. I wear my wedding ring on my middle (longest) finger

7. One lifetime goal I am unlikely to ever achieve is to summit Everest. That mountain has always fascinated me since I was a child.

All right, enough of my secrets. :) I’m going to tag the following three authors to receive this award:

Vicky Limbert, author of the great read Lilith.

Heather Day Gilbert, author of an upcoming and fantastic-sounding novel about Vikings.

M. Pax, astronomer and author of the Backworlds and Hetty books.


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