LaunchDarkly gets $8.7M to get access to the right features in front of right users

The space shuttle Discovery lifts off April 5, 2010 at Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Discovery will carry a multi-purpose logistics module filled with science racks for the laboratories aboard the International Space station.  (Photo: STAN HONDA/AFP/Getty Images) LaunchDarkly originally launched to nail a big pain point for developers that has been a luxury at larger companies for a while — soft-launching features and new code for a small set of users seamlessly and being able to quickly roll them back.
But since the company launched and last raised $2.6 million in June, CEO Edith Harbaugh and the team have found a new audience for that: the… Read More


Netlify, a service for quickly rolling out static websites, raises $2.1M

netlify Mathias BiilmannĀ — a former CTO of a firm that built websites for small businessesĀ — says developers have gotten so used to using Github as a central workflow, they expect the entire rest of the developer experience to work the same way. “The way that a front-endĀ developer would work would be to go into a server and change how things were structured, but then Git came in… Read More

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