Percona Live 2015 Lightning Talks, BoF submission deadline Feb. 13! And introducing “MySQL 101? program

It’s hard to believe that the Percona Live MySQL Conference and Expo is just over two months away (April 13-16 in Santa Clara, California). So if you’ve been thinking about submitting a proposal for the popular “Lightning Talks” and/or “Birds of a Feather” sessions, it’s time to get moving because the deadline to do so if February 13.

Lightning Talks provide an opportunity for attendees to propose, explain, exhort, or rant on any MySQL-related topic for five minutes. Topics might include a new idea, successful project, cautionary story, quick tip, or demonstration. All submissions will be reviewed, and the top 10 will be selected to present during the one-hour Lightning Talks session on Wednesday (April 15) during the Community Networking Reception. Lighthearted, fun or otherwise entertaining submissions are highly welcome. Submit your proposal here.

"MySQL 101" is coming to Percona Live 2015

“MySQL 101″ is coming to Percona Live 2015.

Birds of a Feather (BoF) sessions enable attendees with interests in the same project or topic to enjoy some quality face time. BoFs can be organized for individual projects or broader topics (e.g., best practices, open data, standards). Any attendee or conference speaker can propose and moderate an engaging BoF. Percona will post the selected topics and moderators online and provide a meeting space and time. The BoF sessions will be held Tuesday night, (April 14) from 6- 7 p.m. Submit your BoF proposal here.

This year we’re also adding a new program for MySQL “newbies.” It’s called “MySQL 101,” and the motto of this special two-day program is: “You send us developers and admins, and we will send you back MySQL DBAs.” The two days of practical training will include everything they need to know to handle day-to-day MySQL DBA tasks.

“MySQL 101,” which is not included in regular Percona Live registration, will cost $400. However, the first 101 tickets are just $101 if you use the promo code “101” during checkout.

New: 25-Minute Sessions
On the first day of the conference, Percona is now offering 25-minute talks that pack tons of great information into a shorter format to allow for a wider range of topics. The 25-minute sessions include:

Percona Live 2015 25-Minute Sessions

I also wanted to give another shout-out to Percona Live 2015’s awesome sponsor, which include: VMware, Yahoo, Deep Information Sciences, Pythian, Codership, Machine Zone, Box, Yelp, MariaDB, SpringbokSQL, Tesora, BlackMesh, SolidFire, Severalnines, Tokutek, VividCortex, FoundationDB, ScaleArc, Walmart eCommerce and more.(Sponsorship opportunities are still available.)

The great thing about Percona Live conferences is that there is something for everyone within the MySQL ecosystem – veterans and newcomers alike. And for the first time this year, that community expands to encompass OpenStack. Percona Live attendees can also attend OpenStack Live events. Those events run April 13-14, also at the Hyatt Regency Santa Clara and Santa Clara Convention Center.

OpenStack Live 2015’s awesome sponsors include: PMC Sierra and Nimble Storage!

With so much to offer this year, this is why there are several more options in terms of tickets. Click the image below for a detailed view of what access each ticket type provides.

Percona Live and OpenStack Live 2015 ticket access grid

Register here for the Percona Live MySQL Conference and Expo.

Register here for the OpenStack Live Conference and Expo.

For full conference schedule details please visit the Percona Live MySQL Conference and Expo website and the OpenStack Live Conference Website!

I hope to see you in Santa Clara in a couple months!


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My Sessions at Percona Live MySQL Conference and Expo 2013

As is typical at the beginning of every April, many of us who submitted talks to the Percona Live MySQL Conference and Expo are wondering why we submitted so many.  I had 3 official talks selected, including one that is a 6-hour tutorial, as well as a BoF.  Here’s the highlights:

Percona XtraDB Cluster / Galera in Practice (6 hour tutorial):

I’ve been working on this tutorial since last summer.  The first incarnation was at Percona Live NY last year, but I’ve altered it quite a bit and expanded to fit (hopefully) a 6 hour format.  Expect a lot of down and dirty hands-on work with setting up, managing and monitoring PXC.  MariaDB Galera Cluster users should fit right in:




Migrating to Percona XtraDB Cluster for MySQL

This is a 1-hour talk that covers the ins and outs of what it takes (and means) to migrate to PXC.  Expect high level over view of PXC architectures with use cases (and anti-use cases), as well as a practical look at what configuring a PXC setup looks like.  Again, Galera / MariaDB Galera Cluster users should fit right in here.



The Hazards of Multi-writing in a Dual-Master setup

This talks covers the basics of why multi-writing multi-master architectures without a replication technology that somehow prevents or handles replication conflicts is a usually bad idea.  If you’ve considered an architecture that uses standard MySQL async replication with any kind of circular replication and multi-node simultaneous writing, you should check this out:



BOF: Galera / Percona XtraDB Cluster for MySQL

I also submitted a Birds of Feather talk for Galera and PXC.  I know Percona PXC experts like myself and the Codership folks should be in attendance.  I can’t speak for any representatives from the MariaDB Galera Cluster team, but they are certainly most welcome.  I’d really like to focus this BoF on real-life experiences and “hard” questions about Galera that we can ask of Codership instead of yet another “Galera 101″ session if we can help it.



Hope to see you at the conference!  With all of the Galera talks at the conference, this is really the premier Galera conference of the year!

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