MySQL webinar: ‘Introduction to open source column stores’

MySQL webinar: 'Introduction to column stores'Join me Wednesday, September 18 at 10 a.m. PDT for an hour-long webinar where I will introduce the basic concepts behind column store technology. The webinar’s title is: “Introduction to open source column stores.”

What will be discussed?

This webinar will talk about Infobright, LucidDB, MonetDB, Hadoop (Impala) and other column stores

  • I will compare features between major column stores (both open and closed source).
  • Some benchmarks will be used to demonstrate the basic performance characteristics of the open source column stores.
  • There will be a question and answer session to ask me anything you like about column stores (you can also ask in the comments section below if you prefer to submit them in advance).

Who should attend?

  • Anyone interested in analytics or OLAP
  • Those new to column store technology who want to find out how they will benefit from using a column store
  • Database administrators or users that have to query large amounts of data quickly, especially in aggregate


A randomly selected participant in the webinar will be chosen to receive a free Percona t-shirt.  You must be present at the end of the webinar during the question and answer section to be eligible for the shirt.

You can also win a Percona t-shirt by answering one or more of the following questions (the first to answer correctly wins, one winner only, sorry. ):

  • What is one advantage of columnar storage?
  • What is one big drawback of columnar storage?
  • Describe (or link to) an application or project that uses a columnar storage

Register here.

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