MySQL Community Awards at Percona Live 2019

It’s that time of year again, and we’ve just had the presentations of the MySQL Community Awards at Percona Live. A more fulsome blog post will be written for the Community Blog in the next few days about the worthy winners. Meanwhile, though, here’s a summary.

Committee Co-Secretaries Emily Slocombe of Square, and Agustin Gallego of Percona presented these annual community nominate awards today, In four categories, the awards went to:

  • Community Contributor of the Year: Weixiang Zhai
  • Community Contributor of the Year: Valerii Kravchuk

Both of the above awards were made for bug identification and submission. Valerii was represented by Vicentiu Ciorbaru of MariaDB Foundation who accepted the award on his behalf.

  • The Application of the Year award was mad to Dbdeployer, for its incredible usefulness to the community of MySQL users. In this case, Giuseppe Maxia – the Data Charmer – could not attend the conference, so Oracle Community Manager LeFred donned a Dbdeployer shirt to accept the award on his behalf.

Last but not least, the Corporate Contributor of the Year was Tencent, and the award received by two representatives pictured here. In this case my journalistic abilities have let me down and I will update this post REALLY soon with the names of those accepting the award, but they are nevertheless pictured here.

Congratulations to all!

From left to right: Emily Slocombe, two representatives from Tencent (tbd), LeFred on behalf of Giuseppe Maxi, Vincentiu on behalf of Valerii, and Weixiang Zhai

Percona Live 2016

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