Social media startup CultureSphere sues HCL, alleges misuse of confidential information

culturesphere Acquisition talks fall through all the time, but a new lawsuit from social media startup CultureSphere accuses global IT company HCL of something more serious — using those talks as a way to get access to confidential information for use in a competing product. HCL, meanwhile, has said the CultureSphere’s allegations are “totally baseless.” We wrote about… Read More


CultureSphere Promises A “Bottoms Up” Approach To Employee-Driven Social Media Sharing

culturesphere While businesses have plenty of options if they want to push their employees to do more social media sharing, CultureSphere founder and CEO Danny Gordon said the existing tools all take a similar “top down approach” — senior marketing and social media executives decide what’s worth sharing, then everyone else just shares it, or doesn’t. Gordon said CultureSphere,… Read More

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