Update on CuteFlow Development

As I wrote in a previous post I’m working on a brand new Symfony2 based version of CuteFlow. I was on vacation the last 4 weeks so there was not that much progress at all but I want to inform you about the current status of the project:

  • The basic infrastructure is up and running. That means there is the basic layout, the menues, authentication and user management working.
  • From now on I will work on the feature set. I will keep you informed whats up and coming.
  • I uploaded a new webpage (rough) on the new Main project website ( The VServer the page is running is sponsored by the Filloo GmbH. Thanks for it guys. There is only little content at the moment but it will grow as the version will be more complete. BTW the website is built with the Silex Framework.
  • The Documentation infrastructure is up and running too. The documentation source (written in ReST, converted by Sphinx) is hosted on GitHub. We use ReadTheDocs to automatically build the HTML-Documentation from the Git-Repository. You can find the current version of the docu here.

I would be still more than happy about helping hands. There is some interest and first code writte by others but more is appreciated. You can find some first information in the documentation.

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