Summertime Percona MySQL training update

Summertime Percona MySQL training updateNow that June has arrived it is time to plan what you will do over the summer months. In addition to your summer vacation plans, give thought to MySQL training for you and your team.

Summer is the time to brush up on those critical skills needed to ensure all systems are ready for the holiday shopping season.

In addition to our revised courses, that I talked about in a previous post, we are also running our new Moving to MySQL 5.6 class. This class covers new features in MySQL 5.6, migration planning, and application verification. This class was designed with the experienced MySQL DBA in mind–so it is a fast paced 2-day course.

Percona has a packed summer MySQL training schedule. In June we have:

In July we have:

In August we have:

We have a 10% discount code for use when ordering, register early and save even more as the 10% discount can be applied to the early registration price.  Just use discount code mpb10 when checking to receive the discount.

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Moving to MySQL 5.6? We can help

Percona TrainingIf you are looking for a class that is designed to jump-start your knowledge on MySQL 5.6 features, a class that provides hands-on labs, and a class that shows various migration methods – look no further.

We have been hard at work building a new class to ensure you have the knowledge and skills needed to verify your applications, and plan for the migration to MySQL 5.6. The class is called Moving to MySQL 5.6 and is a 2-day workshop.

The Moving to MySQL 5.6 workshop is being offered over the summer in numerous European countries and throughout the United States. Our goal is to provide you with the most up to date knowledge on MySQL 5.6, show you how to verify your application, and plan for a successful migration.

You may also want to check out our other MySQL training events. All of our workshops have been updated to MySQL 5.6–so you know you will be learning about the latest MySQL features and best practices. Just go to Percona Training for the full list of upcoming workshops. If you use discount code mpb10 you can save 10% when you register.

Last, I would be remiss if I did not remind you that is is not too late to purchase tickets for Percona Live MySQL Conference and Expo Community in Santa Clara, California, April 22-25. We have discounts available, just drop us line and we can help you out.



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MySQL Training from Percona: January – March 2013

Now that we are in the New Year, it is time to settle back into work and make plans for 2013. As part of your professional development planning, consider Percona MySQL Training.

Percona will be holding the following MySQL Training classes in the first quarter:

  • January
    • Live Virtual Training – DBA Training for MySQL: January 7-10, 2013
    • Chicago, Illinois, USA : January 14-17, 2013
    • London, UK: January 14-17, 2013
  • February
    • Frankfurt, DE: February 4-7, 2013
    • San Francisco, CA, USA: February 4-7, 2013
  • March
    • New York, NY, USA: March 11-14, 2013

To view these training events, and others, go to percona.com/training.

As a thank-you for making 2012 a fantastic year for Percona Training, we are offering 10% off of any public training class that is purchased in January. The class does not need to be taken in January. You will receive the discount when you check out of our online store by entering coupon code MPB10J.

If you have a team that you would like to train, it may be more cost effective to bring us to you. If you would like to be contacted about our custom training, to go our Contact Me form and send us your request.

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Percona’s “Developer Training for MySQL” is now available via Live Virtual Training

Today, Percona announces that Live Virtual Training is now an option for busy professionals.

We set out to develop a training solution that balances the time to deliver the content with the amount of time an attendee can participate in a live virtual training (LVT) session. The goal was to ensure there was still time in the day to allow the attendee to complete his or her work. Percona’s LVT offering extends the days of delivery while reducing the time the attendee needs to be in class each day. Our LVT sessions are a combination of live virtual sessions and remote labs,  blended with online learning. How does this work?

We ask that attendees set aside 2-hours each day for 5-days for the live virtual sessions. This is the time when the Percona instructor delivers the lecture, shows examples, and answers questions. After the live session is over, attendees have a remote lab that will take, on average, 30-minutes to complete. The remote lab is hosted in the cloud and the attendee has 22-hours to finish it. All we ask is that it is done before the live lecture starts the next day. Outside of the live virtual session, the attendee has access to online forums where they can ask questions of the instructor and their fellow students.

For the month of August, you can enroll in one of the LVT sessions for Developer Training for MySQL and save over 35%. The sessions we have scheduled are:

  • August 6, Monday – Friday, 9am – 11am Eastern timezone.
  • August 20, Monday – Friday, 9am – 11am Pacific timezone.
  • August 27, Monday – Friday, 9am – 11am GMT timezone.

To learn more and take advantage of our introductory offer, go to our online store and purchase a seat today.

We will announce availability of other LVT offerings as they become available.

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