Percona welcomes Drizzle 7.1

The Drizzle team has published the first Drizzle 7.1 stable release. The announcement on the Drizzle blog covers some of the major improvements in this release over the previous stable release, Drizzle 7.0. I plan to write a variety of blog posts on each of the new features over the coming weeks. Major features include:

  • Multi sourced replication
  • XtraBackup included
  • IPv6 data type
  • ZeroMQ plugin
  • Log output to syslog is enabled by default
  • Updated DEB and RPM packages
  • Query log plugin and auth_schema
  • JS plugin: execute JavaScript code as a Drizzle function
  • HTTP JSON API (experimental)
  • Some of the Percona InnoDB patches have been merged

Since Drizzle 7.0 (which was released last year), there have been over 3,500 commits to Drizzle from around 50 contributors (no doubt the translations add more too).

Some interesting statistics about this Drizzle release:

  • The diffstat from the previous stable release is: 3891 files changed, 473733 insertions(+), 210435 deletions(-)
  • The size of the Drizzle kernel (drizzled directory in the source) has shrunk from 149,586 to 146,454 lines of code (according to sloccount).
  • Out of 78 plugins there are only ten that have more than 1,000 lines of code. The remaining 68 plugins are not all trivial either, they include: authentication via PAM, authentication via HTTP, various DATA_DICTIONARY tables, the Drizzle protocol plugin, authentication from a file, MySQL UNIX socket protocol, javascript plugin, authentication via tables (similar to MySQL), RabbitMQ, regex policy, logging to syslog, authentication via LDAP. This shows that major pieces of functionality can be implemented in relatively small amounts of code.

Installing Drizzle 7.1.33-stable

The source tar package is available from the Drizzle Launchpad download area. Please see the Drizzle manual on how to install Drizzle 7.1.33-stable from source tar package.

The Ubuntu packages are available from the Drizzle PPA. Instructions on how to install from the PPA are in the Drizzle manual.

CentOS 6 packages are available from download.drizzle.orgInstructions on how to install them with yum are in the Drizzle manual.

Note: For Drizzle 7.1.33-stable, only 64-bit packages were built for RedHat/Centos.


Announcing Drizzle Day, Fri 13th April 2012

Percona is proud to sponsor the 4th Drizzle Day, this year being held on the 13th April, the day after the Percona Live MySQL Conference and Expo.

When: Friday, April 13th 2012 from 9:30 am

Where: Cypress room, Mezzanine Level, Hyatt Regency Santa Clara (5101 Great America Parkway)

What: Drizzle Day is a day to learn about Drizzle, how to use Drizzle, migrating to Drizzle and contributing to Drizzle. If you’re interested in a database for modern web applications, relational databases being deployed in the cloud, advanced replication techniques (such as crash safe replication, multi-sourced replication and being able to consume the replication stream in your application), AlsoSQL (a HTTP interface to a relational database), testing and performance – then Drizzle day is for you!

Price: Admission is free, however the Drizzle team would love you to consider making a voluntary donation between 50 – 150 USD to our SPI account to cover for the costs of this conference: click here to donate. Note that if you are expensing your travel and Percona Live attendance with your employer anyway, you can also expense this payment as a conference fee.

Lunch: There are various options with different prices for lunch inside and outside of the Hyatt. We will provide coffee, tea, beverages and snacks inside the Cypress room both for morning and afternoon breaks. Please let us know of diet or allergy restrictions in your RSVP.

Registrations: Space is limited, so please RSVP right away to ensure you get a spot. RSVP at henrik@drizzle.org so we can plan the space and refreshments.

A draft schedule is on the Drizzle Day website.


Drizzle, Maverick, PPA’s, and you

So, this week, Drizzle released its beta, which is really exciting. But at the same time, I decided to ask the Ubuntu MOTU pull it out of Ubuntu 10.10 (a.k.a. maverick) entirely. The reasons, may not be entirely obvious.

  • Licensing: There is some ambiguity on the licensing of certain non-critical source code in Drizzle that we weren’t certain Debian archive admins would accept. Since we like to follow Debian as closely as possible in Ubuntu, the MOTU sponsor we had was requesting that we upload into Debian first. Upon review of earlier packages, the debian archive maintainers pointed out some ambiguities in the copyright documentation, and it turns out, there are some ambiguities still in the source code. These things take time to sort out, though I’m confident we’ve figured most, if not all, of them out.
  • Beta status: Drizzle released their first beta just yesterday. This is great, and would be a good release to have in Maverick, but its going to change *a lot* before the “elliot” milestone is released in early 2011. Monty Taylor assures me that they’re going to be ready to release before feature freeze of Natty (11.04). Until then, they’re going to be fixing bugs in the betas and releasing those fixes. In the face of that, its probably better to point people at a PPA that will have the latest bug fix release in it, and tools included to help debug/fix the release as well.
  • Quality: Even though its clear that drizzle is beta to those following drizzle closely, it may not be entirely clear to everyone. Beta versions make it into Ubuntu all the time, but being a database engine, I’m hesitant to have the casual user try it out. In 6 months, Drizzle will be at a stable release stage, and all users should be feeling pretty good about running on it. That seems like the right time to put it into Debian and Ubuntu.

So, what should you do if you want to run Drizzle on Maverick?

There are two package archives maintained by the drizzle developers just for ubuntu.

The PPA for drizzle development – This should have the latest stable release, and all of the build-depends to rebuild it.
The Drizzle Trunk PPA – This should have the latest daily build of drizzle from the source code repository, which may have fixes made since the last stable release.

Those links include instructions for adding the PPA’s to your system, after that, just

apt-get install drizzle-server drizzle-client

And have fun!

Also, we’ll be discussing drizzle sometime at UDS-N in Orlando. So make sure to check the schedule out and join us (remotely or on site) if you want to chime in or hear what we’re going to do with the Narwhal and Drizzle.


Drizzle7 Beta Released! now with MySQL migration! « LinuxJedis /dev/null

Drizzle7 Beta Released! now with MySQL migration! « LinuxJedis /dev/null.

Drizzle is a project that is near and dear to my heart.

To sum it up, Drizzle took all that was really good in MySQL, cut out all that was mediocre, and replaced some of it with really good stuff. The end product is, I think, something that is leaner, should be more stable, and definitely more flexible.

So go check out the beta! I guess I should use Andrew’s migration tool and see if I can migrate this blog to drizzle. :)

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