Dropbox Business updates focus on increasing enterprise security credibility

dropbox image Dropbox is getting much more serious about its Dropbox Business product, and today it announced a partnership with security vendor Symantec as part of a broader update to its business products designed to make it more attractive to larger businesses. Rob Baesman, Dropbox’s head of product for pro, business and enterprise versions, says the idea behind the admin tool update is to provide… Read More


Dropbox’s latest idea could change the way you think about cloud storage

dropbox image One of the problems with Dropbox and indeed all cloud storage is the way they have implemented how you view your cloud storage on your local drive. If you want to access your cloud file system in your local file management tool, you literally need to have it stored on your drive, which really defeats the idea of having cloud storage in the first place — especially on devices with… Read More


Dropbox Adds More Features To Attract Enterprise Customers

Dropbox running on mobile phone and web. Dropbox announced several updates today designed to appeal to larger enterprise customers and make them feel more comfortable using Dropbox for Business. Dropbox faces a huge challenge with enterprise customers. Sure, it cites some big numbers in terms of current users, claiming 100,000 Dropbox for Business users including high profile clients like MIT and Hard Rock Cafe. Yet it’s… Read More


Dropbox For Business Launches An Enterprise Tools API To Fight Box

all_new_Dropbox_for_Business_is_here Dropbox’s frilly consumer brand and lack of hardcore enterprise security features has kept its “For Business” software from scoring more corporate clients. But an internal-only Dropbox launch plan attained by TechCrunch says that’s about to change with the release of a Dropbox For Business API. Scheduled to be announced Wednesday (though this leak could change that),… Read More

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