Analysis of how people are reading Ocean of Dust

Ocean of Dust┬áhas been out for over 2 months now. Being the nerd and geek that I am, I did some analysis on my sales. No, I’m not ready to give actual numbers so early in the game, but I did analyze what formats readers are choosing. It will be interesting to see if this data holds true after 12 months.

Here is the percentage of sales across every format that I offer:


I was surprised by the percentage of Nook and Paperbacks, particularly because the paperback didn’t arrive until 8th December. I had expected to see 95% Kindle.

Authors, I would love to see your breakdown by percentage. Please post a link to your chart in the comments below, or just list your percentages. I’d be happy to aggregate the data if you send it to me. Go on… it’ll be fun. :)


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