EdUIConf 2009 recap

I spoke at EdUIConf 2009, a new conference in my hometown of Charlottesville, Virginia. My presentation was on web interface performance; it’s basically a twist on front-end performance in general. I slanted the talk towards web developers, rather than assuming the audience has full control over their Apache configuration.

The conference was relatively short — two days. The first day was full-day sessions. I skipped from Molly’s session on emerging web standards (good; summary of what I witnessed: HTML5 cometh) to Dan’s session on visual design, which was excellent. The second day I wasn’t able to make it for the morning, and there were only 2 sessions (leaving aside the plenary and keynote) and I was presenting in one, so that was it for me.

You can download slides for my session on performance if you are interested.

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