OS Platform End of Life (EOL) Announcement for Debian Linux 9

EOL) Announcement for Debian Linux 9

EOL) Announcement for Debian Linux 9After having been in long-term support (LTS) for the past two years, Debian 9 (“Stretch”) has now reached End of Life (EOL) on 2022-06-30.

We generally align our OS platform end-of-life dates with the upstream platform vendor. We publish the platform end-of-life dates in advance on our website on the Percona Release Lifecycle Overview page.

When an OS platform has reached End of Life, we stop providing new packages, binary builds, hotfixes, or bug fixes for Percona software. Still, we will continue providing downloads of the existing packages.

Per our policies, we are announcing that this EOL has gone into effect for Percona software on Debian Linux 9 on 2022-07-01.

Each operating system vendor has different supported migration or upgrade paths to their next major release. Please contact us if you need assistance migrating your database to a different supported OS platform – we will be happy to assist you!

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