What I’m looking forward to at Percona Live (MySQL Users Conference)

This is my 10th year attending and speaking at the MySQL Users Conference (as the Percona Live MySQL Conference and Expo was originally called back in 2003), and for me it does not get tiring. So what is there in this conference for me as an attendee, speaker and businessman?

Learning. First and foremost the conference is still a great learning venue for me. I learn about new technologies in the MySQL space as well as how these technologies can be applied in practice. I learn what works and what does not. I learn from the sessions, expo hall exhibitors and hallway conversations. I’m glad that over so many years the conference is still pretty “hardcore,” attracting many real MySQL practitioners as speakers as well as attendees who all share their deep technical insights, holding back no secrets.

Reconnect with Old Friends. Over the years I’ve made many friends who I only see face-to-face once a year at the annual MySQL Users Conference. This is a great opportunity for me to reconnect and catch up.

2003 MySQL Users Conference

Registration signs from the 2003 MySQL Users Conference and Expo in San Jose, Calif. It ran from April 10-11 that year.

Meet New Friends. Each year I go to the show I make some new friends or have a chance to meet, in person, people who I previously only connected with online. I enjoy meeting people and if you’re at the conference this year please come over to say “hi.”

Meet New Companies. Many companies and products in the MySQL space have been launched at this show. It is important for me to stay attuned to the new companies, products and other developments in the MySQL ecosystem – both to drive Percona’s direction as well as to give the best possible advice to my customers as a consultant.

Speak. I speak at many shows and this is one of the best for me to present MySQL talks – I typically find the audience very engaged and interested in the topic at hand, as well as able to grasp some of the subtle nuances I’m communicating. Each time I throw some trick question into the audience I get someone who is aware of the problem and is able to answer it… as opposed to many of the other shows I speak at where all I get is an awkward silence which tells me I might be going too deep. This year in addition to my Keynote and Panel sessions I will give an Innodb and Performance Optimization Tutorial as well as talk about Goal-Driven Performance Optimization and Choosing storage systems for MySQL

Do Business. This conference was also been a very successful business adventure for us, both back when we were merely attending the conference as an exhibitor and now as its organizer. If you’re shopping for MySQL technology and services, then you’ll see the largest selection of MySQL Ecosystem vendors at the show. If you’re doing business associated with MySQL, you’ll have the opportunity to meet a great many potential partners and customers, most of them senior enough to make or influence a decision within their organizations.

Well… We’re going to have a great show this year at the Percona Live MySQL Conference and Expo. I hope you’re attending. If not it is not yet too late to register. You can use my discount code “Peter15″ for 15% off.

See you there !

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