HR 2.0 is the poster child for the next wave of SaaS innovation

shutterstock_157573751 The path for SaaS domination of a market segment has historically followed one of two routes: bringing previously offline workflows online, or moving on-premise software processes online. In short, SaaS would take over segments that previously were not SaaSified. Yet, the current wave of HR SaaS innovators the past few years is proving that there can be more to the story. Read More


Recruitment Soonicorn Greenhouse’s First Acquisition Is Parklet

dc71eb849339b0e3f3329c84333ce4cf-1 Hiring is only half the battle. You still have turn that new team member into a productive cog in your master plan. But Greenhouse didn’t help with that. The $60 million-funded recruitment software startup only assists with sourcing candidates, running interviews, and deciding who gets the job. At that point, clients were on their own. That’s why earlier this year it partnered… Read More


Greenhouse Rakes In $13.6M B From Benchmark To Save You From Recruiting Hell

maxresdefault Hiring is the No. 1 thing founders waste their time on. Not because it’s not important. Bad hires can be toxic. But because it’s inefficient. Sourcing, interviewing and selecting candidates is tough enough, and most recruiting tools can’t tell you where you’re burning time or money. Yet Greenhouse can. After its 450 customers, including Evernote, Zenefits, and Venmo,… Read More

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