Review of Treason (Grimoire Trilogy #2)

After reviewing Lichgates, book #1 of The Grimoire Trilogy, back in April 2012, I was very excited to be asked to participate in author S.M. Boyce’s blog tour for book #2, Treason. To be fair up front, I received a free review copy from Boyce, but don’t worry, that doesn’t bias this review. :)

5 of 5 stars: Incredible fantasy world full of fascinating intrigue and intricate characters.

OK, now the punch line is out of the way… From chapter one, I was sucked back into the world of Ourea, fondly remembering it from Lichgates, as if I had never left. Straight away, we encounter our favourite main characters, Kara and Braeden, and the pace continues masterfully from there – no heavy-handed recap.

Treason has a huge cast of characters but each was superbly rendered and differentiated, such that I never got confused, but instead enthralled by the tangled web of relationships, friendships and betrayals. Boyce must have kept an amazing spreadsheet to track them all, because it all flowed smoothly and believably.

The intrigue is what I enjoyed most about this book, and why I rank it above the already great Lichgates. We are treated to royal politics without the usual fantasy stereotypes. It was enormous fun to predict who was gaming whom. What conniving folks, the lot of them! Despite scenes full of characters, Boyce wove their interaction with grace and clean, powerful, and often witty, dialog, showing us the rich, emotional depth of each person. The plot never felt contrived.

Behind the fragile alliances and fight for domination of Ourea, lies the ever-complex romance between Kara and Braeden. These two just aren’t destined to be together. Not only are events trying to pull them apart, but each must withhold their love to save the other’s life.

The world is richly described without slowing the pace, and, like in Lichgates, there is plenty of traveling, which I love. Boyce’s world building makes me savour the details, especially when we visit new places. Ironically, one of the sections I just couldn’t put down, reading long into the night, took place in our world. There are a couple of scenes in there where I nearly dropped my iPad in shock. Gripping stuff.

Definitely in the top 5 reads of 2012 for me.

Take a look at my interview with S. M. Boyce.


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