The Europas — It’s time for a different kind of tech conference

awards3 (1) Let’s face it. Some tech conferences have lost their way. While TechCrunch Disrupt remains a firmly curated, media-driven, event, with hundreds of journalists attending, a couple of other conferences have really gone for scale. A minimum of 15,000 people, thousands of companies, echoing halls — and a lot of investors (and journalists) turning their badges around so they don’t… Read More


Microsoft Woos Enterprise With Start Button In Windows 10

Windows Start button Microsoft announced Windows 10 the other day. Putting aside the fact they skipped version 9, and all of the jokes that could evoke, the announcement appeared to be one long apology to the enterprise. We’re sorry we dissed you in version 8 and we want to beg you to take us back. And we brought your favorite Start button.
Remember, the one you’ve lived with and loved since 1995? Read More


Prison for water..

Punishment for early escape: You have to help destroy Los Angeles

Conditions for release on time: you have to help destroy Los Angeles

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