Microsoft Ventures backs Illusive Networks, a cybersecurity firm that protects with deception

generic_code_hack_security Illusive Networks, a cybersecurity startup based out of Israel that protects networks by building “deception” frameworks to identify and trap malicious hackers, is today announcing that it has added Microsoft Ventures — the software giant’s young investment arm — as its newest strategic investor. In keeping with the its name and purpose in this world, Illusive… Read More


Security Startup Illusive Networks Uses Deception To Catch Hackers

Two dice with words "Game Over" showing. Imagine you’re a red-blooded hacker and you want to break into a corporate network. You find your way in, probably by stealing someone’s credentials. Then you go to work. You move around until you find another lock to pick and slowly, steadily, patiently you go deeper and deeper into the network until you find the prize you’re seeking. But what if that picked lock the… Read More

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