MXNet accepted to the Apache Incubator

Connecting lines, computer illustration. MXNet, Amazon Web Services’ preferred deep learning framework, was accepted to the Apache Incubator today. Admission to the incubator is the first step necessary for the open-source initiative to officially become part of the Apache Software Foundation. The Apache Software Foundation supports the efforts of thousands of developers maintaining open-source projects around the world.… Read More


UpWest Labs Nurtures Promising Israeli Startups In Silicon Valley

Map of California with focus on Silicon Valley. UpWest Labs was founded in 2012  with a simple idea. Israel has tons of startup talent, but much of the funding is in the U.S. The founders decided to put the two together and bring a small group of promising Israeli entrepreneurs to the U.S. for four months to meet customers, partners and investors. Today marks the 8th graduating class. Today’s graduating group is comprised of 7… Read More


Pitney Bowes Launches Startup Accelerator In India To Hunt For Its Next Big E-Commerce, Mobile Ideas

photo-25 Pitney Bowes, the 94-year-old producer of stamp postage meters attempting to become an e-commerce platform, is the latest to tap into India’s engineering talent for incubating startup ideas. The accelerator program will be conducted jointly with India’s technology industry association, Nasscom, as part of its year-old startup incubator called “10,000 Start-ups”. For its… Read More

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