Apple And Cisco Ink Nebulous Enterprise Partnership

apple-wwdc-20150411 Apple playing nicely with enterprise companies is a sight for sore eyes. The edict that Microsoft has enterprise on lockdown is dissipating. Huge enterprise player Cisco and Apple announced a “Fast Lane” for iOS enterprise users, which promises a more streamlined and optimized experience for those enterprise customers using Cisco networks and products. There aren’t a lot… Read More


Apple Gets Its 30% Take On Office 365 Subscriptions Microsoft Sells Through Office For iPad

Microsoft is not just placating user demand with the Office for iPad apps it launched today; it’s also selling Office 365 subscriptions directly within the app. Those subs are worth a pretty penny to Microsoft, as it collects a recurring revenue stream starting at $99 per year per user from Office 365, but it turns out Apple also reaps a reward from sales made through the iPad app. Re/code… Read More

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