LaunchDarkly gets $8.7M to get access to the right features in front of right users

The space shuttle Discovery lifts off April 5, 2010 at Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Discovery will carry a multi-purpose logistics module filled with science racks for the laboratories aboard the International Space station.  (Photo: STAN HONDA/AFP/Getty Images) LaunchDarkly originally launched to nail a big pain point for developers that has been a luxury at larger companies for a while — soft-launching features and new code for a small set of users seamlessly and being able to quickly roll them back.
But since the company launched and last raised $2.6 million in June, CEO Edith Harbaugh and the team have found a new audience for that: the… Read More


LaunchDarkly, A Startup That Helps Companies Soft-Launch Features, Raises $2.6M

launchdarkly dashboard Whenever many large technology¬†have a new feature they want to test, they roll it out to a small set of users before letting it go live.¬†That those companies get feedback on the feature and iron out any bugs, and also roll back the changes quickly if anything is wrong or if the users don’t like it. But that requires teams of people to maintain those tools, and smaller startups… Read More

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