Minio scores $20 million Series A to build a neutral object storage layer

 Minio has a plan to become the neutral object storage layer, while still maintaining Amazon S3 object storage compatibility. That may seem like an odd strategy, but as CEO Anand Babu Periasamy, co-founder and CEO of Minio points out, there is a clear market need.
By building a solution that enables customers to store data across a variety of solutions including S3, he believes he is giving… Read More


Minio Lands $3.3M Seed Round To Build Out Open Source Storage Project

Servers reaching to cloud. When venture capitalists open their wallets and hand out $3.3 million for a seed round, you have to figure the new company has some industry veterans with startup experience, and such is the case with Minio, an open source cloud storage product being built by veterans from Gluster. Gluster was purchased by Red Hat in 2011 for $136 million. The round is being led by Nexus Venture Partners… Read More

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