MongoDB at Percona Live: A Special Open Source Community Discount

Data in the Cloud track at Percona Live

MongoDB at Percona LiveWe want MongoDB at Percona Live!

One of the main goals of the Percona Live Data Performance Conference 2016 is celebrating and embracing the open source community. The community’s spirit of innovation, expertise and competition has produced incredible software, hardware, processes and products.

The open source community is a diverse and powerful collection of companies, organizations and individuals that have helped to literally change the world. Percona is proud to call itself a member of the open source community, and we strongly feel that upholding the principles of the community is a key to our success. These principals include an open dialog, an open mind, and a zeal for cooperative interaction. Together, we can create amazing things.

That’s why we were surprised when MongoDB declined to have us sponsor or speak at MongoDB World 2016, and even more taken aback when we were told our engineers are not welcome to attend the show. We make a special point of inviting competitors to participate in, speak at, and sponsor Percona Live – MongoDB included. We welcome our competitors to speak, sponsor and attend Percona Live because it is in the greater interest of the community at large to include all voices.

With that in mind, we’d like to extend a special offer to any MongoDB employees: sign up for the Percona Live Data Performance Conference 2016 using your company email, and receive a special VIP 25% discount off the registration price (use promo code “mongodb”).

In addition:

  • We invite all MongoDB attendees to a VIP cocktail reception with the Percona Team Tuesday, April 19th from 5-6pm
  • Percona is pleased to host all MongoDB attendees as special guests at the Tuesday, April 19th, Community Dinner Event at Pedro’s

It’s our way of showing our solidarity with the open source community, and expressing our belief that we work best when we work together.

See you all at Percona Live! Register here!

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