MySQL 101 Videos – A Must Have Starter Kit for a MySQL DBA

The MySQL 101 track was introduced at the 2015 Percona Live MySQL Conference & Expo in Santa Clara, California. This track was tailored specifically for software developers and other specialists with technical backgrounds wanting to acquire the basic skills needed for a MySQL DBA role.101-Poster The Percona Live Conference Committee saw an increase in demand for people with MySQL DBA skills to be able to help with the day-to-day management of MySQL databases. In response to this demand, a MySQL crash course for developers, systems administrators and other technical resources was added to the official Percona Live conference program. This 2-day MySQL 101 track, led by Percona MySQL technical experts, took attendees through the fundamentals of MySQL DBA tools and techniques.

The goal of this educational course was to send attendees back ready to quickly and correctly take care of the day-to-day and long-term management of their MySQL environment.

“You send us developers and admins, and we’ll send you back MySQL DBAs!”
Completion of this course enabled the attendees to combine their daily non-DBA work with practical performance optimization techniques to resolve problems in environments not managed by a dedicated MySQL DBA.

Due to the overall success of the MySQL 101 track and the continued demand for this type of education, Percona has packaged these courses together in the official “Percona Live MySQL 101 Series,” now available for purchase.

You can buy all 24 sessions together at a bundled rate or purchase each video individually based on interest and needs. Don’t miss your opportunity to learn from some of the top MySQL experts.
Complete set of 24 Videos = $ 599.99 USD
Individual Videos = $29.99 USD

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Speaking at MySQL Meetups in Atlanta,GA and Charlotte,NC

Start of the year and time for the first speaking tour. This time I will take my MySQL Indexing Best Practices presentation to Charlotte on January 14 and Atlanta on January 15.

I think this presentation is great for Meetup as it is both providing a lot of very good ready to use practical advice on picking MySQL indexes to people only starting to use MySQL, as well as going into the more advanced topics of MySQL index trickery so even advanced MySQL users will find something new to learn. Meetup format should also allow us more time to go into more details and more practical questions when useful. Bring your own indexing war stories if you’re joining us !

Another great thing about indexing topic is this is something both MySQL Developers and MySQL DBAs and Ops people need to know about so nobody will be bored.

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