MySQL on Windows: A survival guide for Linux-based DBAs

MySQL on Windows: A survival guide for Linux-based DBAsNext week, on Nov. 6, I will be delivering a webinar about running MySQL on Windows, with a strong focus on Linux-based sysadmins and DBAs – and how not to go crazy in the process.

An interesting (and challenging!) part of working for Percona is that you never know what kind of setup a customer will have, and even though MySQL is still strongly tied to the LAMP stack and therefore Linux, more people are running it on Windows these days.

As someone who last used Windows on a daily basis in 1999, my first reaction was usually not nice. But over time, I have learned to embrace these kind of cases as an opportunity to get out of my comfort zone and learn. I still personally prefer a Unix derivative, but over time, I have gathered some knowledge that I think can be useful to others who arrive at MySQL on Windows from a Linux/Unix background. And who knows? Perhaps I can even give some insight to longtime Windows admins who are newcomers to the world of MySQL!

If you’re interested, register here to attend. The webinar starts at 10 a.m. PST on Nov. 6. It will also be recorded and the replay available using that same link.

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