As on-demand startups fizzle, Zirx moves cars for other companies, not individuals

Zirx agents Zirx was originally created as an app that let individuals order valet parking service, on-demand. But facing crushing costs, the San Francisco startup recently shifted its focus to the “mobility” needs of businesses. Now, Zirx gives companies free-to-use software, called the Zirx Mobility Services platform, that they can use to have their vehicles moved around in time to get any… Read More


OnboardIQ Simplifies Hiring For On-Demand Startups

OnboardIQ OnboardIQ streamlines the process of hiring the thousands of people needed to get a baseline of quality service in a city at an on-demand startup. Launching as a private beta today, OnboardIQ’s team takes your onboarding funnel and automates what it can, leaving HR with more time to spend on looking through applications and interviewing candidates. Read More

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