Dropbox Business updates focus on increasing enterprise security credibility

dropbox image Dropbox is getting much more serious about its Dropbox Business product, and today it announced a partnership with security vendor Symantec as part of a broader update to its business products designed to make it more attractive to larger businesses. Rob Baesman, Dropbox’s head of product for pro, business and enterprise versions, says the idea behind the admin tool update is to provide… Read More


Egnyte pushes beyond storage into document protection

File with social network connected to it. Those able to access are green. Those who can't are red. Egnyte has gotten as creative as it could as an online storage company. You could store your files on Egnyte in the cloud, on prem or with a competing storage service if you liked, but the company recognized that storage can only take you so far. Today it announced some new approaches designed to expand beyond that original storage vision. “As a pure-play stand-alone strategy,… Read More


Dropbox Makes Another Nod Toward Business, But It Might Not Be Enough Yet

dropbox-biz1 Dropbox announced several updates to its Dropbox for Business product today that are designed to make it more attractive to IT pros who will administer the service in the enterprise. That said, not all are convinced that the company has gone far enough perfect its offering to larger businesses. R Ray Wang, founder at Constellation Research says today’s announcements are a good first step,… Read More

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