Open Source Appreciation Day at the Percona Live MySQL Conference

I am very pleased to announce a new event in conjunction with the Percona Live MySQL Conference and Expo this year: Open Source Appreciation Day on Monday, March 31st in the Santa Clara Convention Center! We are pleased to announce two separate groups holding events this year under this new umbrella. We are hosting an event called “OpenStack Today” for those interested in learning more about developments in the OpenStack world. CentOS is holding the “CentOS Dojo Santa Clara” event. Registration is required, as space is limited, but the events are both free to attendees.

OpenStack Today

OpenStack Today will cover deployments in this rapidly evolving ecosystem. OpenStack is the fastest growing open source cloud infrastructure project today. Organizations are creating private OpenStack clouds in their datacenters or deploying applications to public OpenStack clouds and MySQL is at the heart of those deployments. Attendees will learn the latest trends in OpenStack and how MySQL fits into the OpenStack roadmap. Speakers from hastexo, Mirantis, Tesora, Scalr, and Percona will present. For the full agenda, visit the event webpage on the Percona Live website.

CentOS Dojo Santa Clara

CentOS Dojo Santa Clara will bring people from the CentOS communities together to talk about systems administration, best practices and emerging technologies. CentOS Dojo events emphasize local speakers and tutors that come together and discuss things that they care about most and to share stories from their experiences working with CentOS in various scenarios. Attendance is limited to ensure there are plenty of opportunities for everyone to interact and establish social connections to carry the conversations through the future. For the full agenda, visit the event webpage on the Percona Live website.

Both events are free but space is limited to 75 people for the CentOS event and 100 people for the OpenStack event. Attendees may only register for only one of these events, not both.

I wish to thank CentOS and Tesora who are helping sponsor these events.

Open Source Appreciation Day

Open Source Appreciation Day at the Percona Live MySQL ConferenceI’m happy that Open Source Appreciation Day came together. We have been in discussions with a few open source projects about organizing events for the Monday before the conference. For those who attended the Percona Live MySQL Conference in 2013, you know that it was held on a Monday through Thursday. We had to move the conference to Tuesday through Friday this year because we couldn’t start moving into the facilities until Monday and it takes a full day to create the awesome experience conference attendees will enjoy (for those planning to attend Percona Live in 2015, we’ll be back to a Monday through Thursday event , April 13-16). But we have some meeting space available upstairs in the Santa Clara Convention Center this year on Monday that is perfect for meetings of 50 to 100 people. We decided to put the rooms to good use and launch Open Source Appreciation Day in cooperation with CentOS and multiple organizations and speakers from the OpenStack ecosystem. We reached out to other open source projects but were unable to pull together events for other projects.

I look forward to a great Percona Live conference this year. And I hope that Open Source Appreciation Day will prove to be popular with those within, and maybe even previously outside, the MySQL community.

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