Percona Sponsors Conferences and Supports Community

Percona Sponsors Conferences

We love supporting communities and open source. One of the things we are thrilled about at Percona is hybrid and in-person conferences coming back this fall. Local events are a perfect opportunity to meet and reinforce you, community members, and open source lovers, talk about databases and remote work, and maybe even hug!

Especially for this conference season, Matt Yonkovit built an arcade controller – a gadget to manage database workloads in real-time and play with them in Percona Monitoring and Management. Have you ever thought about managing your database workload with the help of selectors? Now all visitors of our booth can try to literally manipulate the database with their hands! That was really a hit. It consists of several buttons and switches which allow you to run a vacuum, stop all the workload, and do lots of other stuff. If you want to see it in action, watch the video of the live-streamed PMM meetup from OSS (Open Source Summit) in Seattle with the demo. And for those who decide to replicate it or build their own version, Matt shared the code on his GitHub.

Percona Sponsors Conferences

Traditionally, we sponsor the OSDN Conf Kyiv in September where Percona staff members from Ukraine actively participate and organize. It is a one-day, non-commercial, volunteer-organized event centered on free and open source software. Richard Stallman was their special guest this year with the talk “Free Software and the GNU General Public License.”

Also, it was really exciting for our team to meet again in person at All Things Open in Raleigh and celebrate Percona’s 15 years with everyone! Approximately 1000 people were on-site and 2500 people were online. All of them were able to get to know our experts and play with Matt’s PMM arcade controller. Also, Percona speakers gave four talks with good attendance.

One of the virtual events we were happy to support was Nerdearla 2021, the most important IT conference in the Latin American region. Though it was lots of fun virtually, we hope that in the future we will be able to meet in person again!

So, what is up next? At the end of November, we are flying to Las Vegas to the breathtaking AWS re:Invent. It promises to become a notable event of the year celebrating 10 years of the conference. If you are going to be there, stop by the Percona booth and see us!

Right after re:Invent, our team will be in New York at the non–profit, community-run PGConf NYC. We will be Platinum sponsors this time, and Percona Postgres experts will give five talks on Postgres topics. Preparations for this event are already in full swing!

We are thinking of the next year, too. In January, we will welcome you to the booth in Silicon Valley at the Postgres Conference. Come and enjoy this event with us. We are looking forward to it!

Want us to speak at your event? Organize a conference or a local meetup in any part of the globe and need speakers? Contact us at and we will work with you on the support we can provide.

And we are hiring!  The Community Team is actively looking for the Technical Evangelists to join our team and work with open source communities all over the world. Watch a short video to get an idea of the work of the team and how we encourage open source growth.

Percona Sponsors Conferences and Supports Community


Community Meetup Schedule Till the End of the Year

percona community meetups

percona community meetupsThis fall we started to run live-streamed online meetups accompanied by a live chat with the audience. Every week we invite experts for a real-time talk and devote this meeting to a specific database.

But the holiday season is coming soon! So, we slightly changed the meetup schedule and would like to announce it. Here are the dates of the upcoming events:

  1. November 17th – Meetup for PostgreSQL
  2. December 1st – Meetup for Percona Monitoring and Management (live stream from AWS re:Invent)
  3. December 8th – Meetup for MySQL
  4. December 15th – Meetup for PostgreSQL
  5. December 29th – Meetup for MongoDB

What do meetups look like? On Wednesday we gather in a virtual studio at 11 am EST/ 5 pm CEST and start streaming on YouTube and Twitch. Each event is dedicated to one open source database or technology. Experts share their knowledge with you and answer questions that you can ask on chat or on Discord. It is that simple, just come and join us!

Community Meetups Percona

Our next meetup will take place on November 17th. We will discuss autovacuum in PostgreSQL with Lead Senior Support Engineer Sergey Kuzmichev. Check out the event details on our Community website. You will learn more about autovacuum and get answers to your questions live. The Percona expert could even advise you on your particular issue during the live stream.

Normally guest speakers prepare some topics for discussion but things do not always go according to plan, and since it is a live stream, your question or suggestion to our amazing host Matt Yonkovit can change the direction of conversation dynamically.

The current meetup agenda for November 17th:

  • 1. Why do we need the autovacuum at all?
  • 2. How to stop worrying and start to love the autovacuum?
  • 3. Monitoring for related issues.

Percona MeetUp for PostgreSQL November 2021 - Autovacuum

Also, we have already run nine meetups and if you missed them, you can find their recordings here:

All the recordings, their transcripts, and also publications about future meetups are available on our Community website:

Come and talk about open source with us! If you feel inspired to participate in meetups not only as a listener but as a speaker, we would love to see you. Just contact us at to discuss your involvement.

Percona Open Source Community Meetups


Join Community MeetUps for MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, or PMM

Join Percona Community MeetUps

Join Percona Community MeetUpsPercona serves several communities including MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB.  The Percona Community Team is committed to promoting content and technical advice on open source database technologies and needs. Hence, we organize monthly MeetUps as a series of regular 1-hour live streaming every Wednesday at 11 am EST/ 5:00 pm CEST/8:30 pm IST with Matt Yonkovit, The Head of Open Source Strategy (HOSS) at Percona, in collaboration with one to two guests from our engineering teams or external speakers. Every month, we will discuss:

  • MySQL on the 1st week
  • PostgreSQL on the 2nd week
  • MongoDB on the 3rd week
  • Monitoring and Observability via Percona Monitoring and Management (PMM) on the 4th week

Past Events

Each MeetUp is a great opportunity for experts to share their experience and for users to ask questions and get an answer right away. Check our community website for full videos and transcripts of past events:

Community MeetUp for MySQL, Sept 8th, 2021 Community MeetUp for MySQL, Sept 8th, 2021

Marcos Albe and Fernando Laudares Camargos

The best ways you REALLY make your database faster: Query optimization, indexes, the art of database design, hiding columns, and more.

Community MeetUp for PostgreSQL, Sept 15th, 2021 Community MeetUp for PostgreSQL, Sept 15th, 2021

Jobin Augustine and Ibrar Ahmed

Discuss the reasons behind the massive migrations to PostgreSQL and learn to secure your data and database.

 Community MeetUp for MongoDB, Sept 22nd, 2021 Community MeetUp for MongoDB, Sept 22nd, 2021

Vinodh Krishnaswamy and Ege Güne? 

Most common issues that people run into, when or when not to shard MongoDB and guidelines to migrate your MongoDB cluster to Kubernetes. 

Community MeetUp for PMM, Sept 29th, 2021 Community MeetUp for PMM, Sept 29th, 2021 

Percona sponsors the Open Source Summit in Seattle and the MeetUp for PMM is a one-hour live broadcast from our booth to talk about open source databases, observability, and monitoring MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL with PMM.

Upcoming Events

There are more MeetUps coming up! Each event can be an online free talk or live broadcast from an open source event looking for tough database problems.

Community MeetUp for MySQL Community MeetUp for MySQL, Oct 6th

Wayne Leutwyler and Vaibhav Upadhyay

October 6th at 11 am EST or 5:00 pm CEST / 8:30 pm IST

Community MeetUp for PostgreSQL, Oct 13th

Charly Batista

October 13th at 11 am EST or 5:00 pm CEST / 8:30 pm IST

How to Participate

Users: Attendance is absolutely free; join us on YouTube and Twitch with live chat on Discord to ask questions. Check out new events at the Percona Community page! Add events to your Google Calendar to track all upcoming Community MeetUps for MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and PMM.

Experts/Speakers: Community MeetUp is more a free discussion than an official lecture. It is very easy to contribute as a speaker. We try to make it more convenient by saving your time and effort. Speakers will receive gratitude from the Community Team. All that you need is to contact Community Team


As more companies look at migrating away from Oracle or implementing new databases alongside their applications, PostgreSQL is often the best option for those who want to run on open source databases.

Read Our New White Paper:

Why Customers Choose Percona for PostgreSQL


October 13, 2021: Open Mic on Open Source Takes on MongoDB

Percona Open Source MongoDB

Percona Open Source MongoDBHave a burning question about MongoDB?

Database experts will be leading an open forum discussion based on attendees’ interests. Are you ahead of the curve? Just trying to keep up? Get the best of MongoDB.

Live Stream: October 13 at 11:30 am CT (30 min)

Watch this upcoming Open Mic on Open Source to learn the latest from the experts. Will Fromme, Percona Solutions Engineer, and Michal Nosek, Percona Enterprise Architect, will share their insights into what’s facing MongoDB admins right now.

Will and Michal will bring you up to speed on:

  • How to convert a standalone MongoDB Community Edition to Percona Server for MongoDB
  • How to convert an entire replica set running MongoDB Community Edition to Percona Server for MongoDB
  • How to run Kubernetes Operators with Percona Server for MongoDB

Percona’s pro pairing will bring together in-depth operational knowledge of MongoDB, Percona’s open source tools, and a fully-supported MongoDB Community distribution. They’ll also remind you how to best scale a cluster, use the self-healing feature, backup and restore your database, and modify parameters.

Hear what other open source enthusiasts want to know about!

This is an open forum for a reason. If you get stumped sometimes, don’t worry; you’re not alone! Our hosts will take your questions in REAL-TIME. And you can remain anonymous even if you want to ask a question.

Register to Attend!

When you register, our hosts will make sure they provide a webinar worth the half-hour!

Space is limited. Secure your spot now and we’ll see you on October 13 at 11:30 am.


August Is Hot, but Not as Hot as Our Next Community Engineering Meeting!

Percona Community Engineering Meeting

Percona Community Engineering MeetingThe engineering marvel that is Percona Monitoring and Management (PMM), has to be, for me, one of the best examples out there of how a large number of vastly different community projects can successfully combine into something whose value and features far exceeds the sum of its component open-source parts.

That’s a lot of words for a simple thing: it’s a metrics mover—it’s PMM!

PMM has exporters that suck system stats from a server or database.

The numbers are safely shuffled through agents across a crowded network toward the sanctuary of the PMM Server.

That’s where your valuable system values are collected and collated, charted and tabled, and where they emerge as fabled knowledge, logically organized and neatly arranged into dashboards.

Dashboards (What you see)

PMM’s dashboards are based on Grafana, and PMM relies on many community-based projects.

Exporters (What you don’t see)

Exporters are specialized programs that run and extract metrics data from a node or database. Every database is different, and so every exporter is too.

Community Meetings (What you may not know)

I tell you what you may already know simply as a prelude to an announcement of what you may not yet know.

We’ve been running monthly community meetings where our Engineering Gurus “talk technical” to share their knowledge of PMM and all its parts.

The format is fairly informal. We use our Discord server’s voice channel. We grab a refreshing region-sensitive hot or cold drink, a very loose agenda, and we talk.

All we need now is someone to listen.

The topics in this month’s meeting:

  • Exporters: Focusing this month on node_exporter, and how and why we’re reverting our fork of the Prometheus one.

  • Dashboards: How Percona’s differ from the community’s, and how to migrate them using the scripts in here. Here’s a brief preview.

    • Convert a dashboard from PMM

      PMM dashboard

      This script converts a PMM dashboard so it can be used in an external Prometheus + Grafana installation. It doesn’t need any input from you. It replaces PMM2 labels (node_name, service_name) that are used in variables with default labels (instance).

    • Convert a dashboard to PMM
      Convert a dashboard to PMM

    This one renames labels and variables interactively because it can’t know in advance the names of the labels you want to use. You must select names for renaming and provide a PMM2 label (node_name, service_name). The script collects a list of used variables and asks which have to be renamed in variables and expressions.

    PMM2 labels can be checked in the VM configuration files:

    VM configuration files

As we’ve already tweeted, our Gurus are not ashamed of showing their consoles. Some are bare and some are full, but they’re always fascinating to watch when they use them with such style.

Why not join us and see for yourself?


BREAKING NEWS: Take a Sneak Peek Into MongoDB 5.0 With Percona!

Sneak Peek Into Mongo 5.0 With Percona

Sneak Peek Into Mongo 5.0 With PerconaCalling all MongoDB users and enthusiasts! 

MongoDB 5.0 has been out as a release candidate for a short while, and the production release should be coming soon. Take advantage of a unique opportunity to get the scoop on what’s in MongoDB 5.0 at 11 am EDT TODAY!

Join The Discussion

Join our live stream event as Percona experts Akira Kurogane (MongoDB Product Owner) and Kimberly Wilkins (MongoDB Tech Lead) preview the upcoming release of MongoDB 5.0.

This will be the first time we discuss the new features we expect to see in MongoDB 5.0!

This release is rumored to include several exciting new features, including a long-anticipated improvement to sharding. Listen in and find out!

We will be running a live stream and interactive chat over multiple platforms, so join us to discover how the new changes and features might impact your business and database environment.

We hope to see you there!

Join any of our live streams, and don’t forget to post questions!





MongoDB 5.0 Is Coming in Hot! What Do Database Experts Across the Community Think?

MongoDB 5.0 Percona

MongoDB 5.0 PerconaIf you love using MongoDB databases, you’ll want to tune in to this live-stream event ‘Percona and Friends React to MongoDB live’ at 11:00 AM EDT on July 15.

Watch or listen as industry experts from Percona, Southbank Software, and Qarbine respond to MongoDB’s conference announcements. The team will consider:

  • New features and other announcements
  • The importance of new MongoDB 5.0 features for applications
  • What this might mean for the Community Edition
  • The impact MongoDB 5.0 will have on users and the Community

This is a live event. So please bring your questions or concerns, and raise your voice to give your thoughts on the latest product news.

Or, if you’re feeling shy, you could just listen in!

Register Today

Our Community-based panel has a wide variety of expertise and experience.

Akira Kurogane

MongoDB Product Owner for Percona’s Enterprise MongoDB product additions and tools

Akira is an expert in MongoDB symptom-to-code defect analysis, diagnostics, and performance. He has helped countless distributed database clients overcome obstacles and adjust to the changing landscape. Since getting his start as a search engine and RDBMS-based developer, Akira describes himself as, “All MongoDB, all the time.”

Kimberly Wilkins

MongoDB Technical Lead with 20+ years of experience managing and architecting databases

Kimberly has been a DBA, a Principal Engineer, an architect, and has built out and managed expert database teams across multiple data store offerings over her database years. She has worked with MongoDB customers of all sizes in many industries and helped them architect, deploy, troubleshoot, and tune their databases to handle heavy workloads and keep their applications running. She specializes in MongoDB sharding to help customers scale and thrive as their businesses grow in today’s big data world. Kimberly enjoys sharing her experiences at technical conferences in the US and abroad. Why? Because after all, “there is no perfect shard key.”

Guy Harrison

CTO, ProvenDB and Southbank Software 

Author, MongoDB Performance Tuning

Not only is Guy a founder and CTO, he is also an IT professional with experience in a range of disciplines, technologies and practices but probably best known both for his longstanding involvement in relational databases (Oracle and MySQL) and for emerging database technologies such as MongoDB and Blockchain.  Guy is also an expert on performance tuning and has written several books on that subject including “MongoDB Performance Tuning”, “Next Generation Databases” and “MySQL Stored Procedure Programming”.  He also writes the “MongoDB Matters” column for Database Trends and Applications 

Bill Reynolds

CTO/Co-founder of Qarbine specializing in BI solutions for enterprise investments in NoSQL databases like MongoDB

Bill has led product teams who have integrated with 23 different database APIs across many favors of NoSQL such as MongoDB to pure object oriented, to legacy SQL.

His companies have licensed database and reporting software to most of the Fortune 500 and many others worldwide. For over 3 years he has been applying that experience developing a native MongoDB detailed reporting and analysis suite.

Join Percona and Friends as they react to!

Register For Free


War Stories and Learning From Others – Percona Live

percona live

percona liveLessons Learned – Learning from those who blazed the trail!

Another cool thing I like about attending conferences is learning from how other companies and people overcame problems, how they run their systems, and figure out problems that I may run into in the future. Secretly I also want to validate how I have done things and make sure I did not miss something. ? Percona Live has a huge group of interesting speakers and users, customers, and companies are sharing tons of interesting war stories, how-to’s, and explaining some things they are very proud of! So what is the HOSS looking forward to hearing about?


Who is going to be sharing their tales of scale? 

Edmodo’s Pandemic Natarajan Chidhambharam & Miklos Szel will be sharing “A Tale of 25x Growth in Three Weeks”. Edmodo does online educational services/software, so when Covid hit their entire platform’s traffic skyrocketed within days. This is a tale of massive growth and dealing with growth you could never imagine.

Another talk to gain insight on that unexpected growth comes from Art van Scheppingen at MessageBird in his talk entitled:  “How to Cope With (Unexpected) Millupling of Your Workload?

While the pandemic caused load for many, high load often occurs with regular frequency for many companies.  Javi Santana from TinyBird is going to share with us his story of growth and scale in the talk: “How We Processed 12 Trillion Rows During Black Friday”.

But one time events or even recurring events are nothing compared to a constant flow of transactions.  To learn how to handle that you may want to see how a company like Adobe handles this workload.  Adobe’s Yeshwanth Vijayakumar will be giving us the details in his talk “How Adobe Does Millions of Records Per Second Using Apache Spark

The team over at Venmo/Payal (Kushal Shah, Neeraj Wadhwani, Van Pham, & Tianshi Wang) will also be sharing the secrets of how they scale in their talk: “Scaling Venmo’s Payments”. While not all of us run at this level of scale, understanding the issues they faced and how they resolved them can help many as they build what’s next.

Migrations! There and Back Again

Who doesn’t love a good story about moving to a new town, state, or in the case of companies new cloud provider!   If you are looking for information and stories from others’ cloud migration adventures look no further than the following:

BlaBlaCar’s Maxime Fouilleul is going to be delivering “Organize the Migration of a Hundred Database Clusters to the Cloud”.  Migrating a few databases is challenging, but hundreds or thousands of them is daunting.  

Sometimes the last part of a migration is the most challenging.  Box’s Jordan Moldow is going to share with us the challenges Box faced in finishing that large migration in his talk: The Last Mile: Delivering the Last 10% of a Four-Year Migration

Groupon recently moved their systems all to AWS.  Groupon’s Mani Subramanian will be sharing the ins and outs of this Journey in his talk  “MySQL & PostgreSQL Migration to AWS at Groupon

Database Operations Best Practices From the Experts

Finding out better ways to do our day-to-day jobs helps us find more time and get more efficient.  Good thing so many great companies are willing to share what has found works for them.

Upgrades Whether in the cloud or not are sometimes challenging. Ashwin Nellore & Kushal Shah are going to share “Venmo’s Aurora Upgrades With Open Source Tools” detailing how they approach and execute upgrades in an AWS environment.

Stephen Borg & Matthew Formosa (GiG) are going to talk about choosing the best tool or in this case database for the job in their talk  “Fun and Games: Why We Picked ClickHouse To Drive Gaming Analytics at GiG “.  Gaming analytics ( any analytics really ) remains a hot topic.  Learning why Clickhouse fits their needs should be interesting.  

When your website has millions of users and 24×7 requirements you have to set things up to scale and survive multiple outages.  Companies like Linkedin have spent lots of money and many hours solving many of these scale and availability challenges.  That is why listening in on Karthik Appigatla talking about “Multi-colo Async Replication at LinkedIn” is going to be very informative. Later on, Karthik is joined by Apoorv Purohit to discuss scaling Linkedin with Vitess

When you have large datasets and lots of individual databases, even something as simple as copying databases from one environment to the next can be a challenge. Nicolai Plum from has some practical advice and tips in his talk:  The Many Ways to Copy Your Database.

Finally, keeping track of what’s happening in any server when you have hundreds more is a pain. That’s why I am excited to hear about how Rappi’s Daniel Guzman Burgos & Rodrigo Cadaval did this in their environment.  Their talk “Monitoring Hundreds of RDS PostgreSQL Instances with PMM: The Rappi Case” aims to provide us with practical ways to monitor those oversized database environments.

There is a lot to learn from those in the industry who are solving real problems at scale! These are just a few of the sessions and talks I am looking forward to learning from.

Not registered yet? There’s still time! Don’t miss it! 


Cool New Projects, Technology, and Broadening My Horizons at Percona Live

Percona Live Yonkovit

Percona Live YonkovitI love learning from others and exploring the implementation details other database engines provide. Percona Live has no shortage of new databases, tools, and discussions on interesting new features or ways of tackling old problems. I went through the agenda and wanted to highlight a few new databases and tools (new to me or new to everyone) that have me interested!

  • Sachin Sinha, Author of BangDB is going to be talking about BangDB in his talk:  “Convergence of Different Dimensions within BangDB – A High-Performance Modern NoSQL Database”.  Talk about interesting implementations, let me leave you with a snippet from the talk abstract:

    The native integration at the buffer pool or IO layer will give the user full control of every single byte being ingested and processed by the system, which will reduce the latency to allow high-speed precision processing. Further siloed (semi siloed) architecture forces too many network hops along with too many copies of data. In this scenario, even with a very high processing efficiency, low latency (or high speed) is not possible with this architecture. We need to minimize network hops and copy of data as much as possible. With convergence, we minimize both the network hops and data copy, thereby improving the performance.”


  • Jim Tommaney returns to Percona live, this year talking about DuckDB.  His talk DuckDB: “Embedded Analytics with Parallel/Vector/Columnar Performance”. Robert Hodges and I talked a week ago about the analytics track and he said this was the talk he was most interested in hearing. Looking forward to it. 




  • Of course “What is OpenSearch?” presented by Kyle Davis is high on my list.  If you have been living under a rock or on an island with no internet connection you may not have seen all of the news around Elastic changing licenses and AWS forking Elastic Search.  Learning about the new project is a must for those who have used or are using Elastic.


  • Super excited to see “Docstore – Uber’s Highly Scalable Distributed SQL Database” by Ovais Tariq &  Himank Chaudhary.  Many large companies end up building their own databases and/or enhancing open source.  Some of the greatest database advances in the past 10 years came from a company thinking differently and solving their own problems with something new.  This is very interesting to me.




Not registered yet? There’s still time! Don’t miss it! 


Percona Live Sessions for Engineers Working on Building and Developing Databases!

Percona Live

Percona LiveWe are in the “home stretch” for Percona Live and I am continuing to highlight some of the great content out there!  Today I would like to focus on content I think will be very interesting to the developers and contributors who are working on the core elements of open source database projects.  We have a ton of content on how to use, deploy, and maintain databases supporting applications, but this year we have some awesome content for those actively building the databases we all love and use.  So what sessions do I think our open source engineers will get the most out of?

On Wednesday, May 12th, how about these sessions:

  • David Zhao’s “Performance Comparison of MySQL and PostgreSQL Based on Kernel Level Analysis”  is a top pick for me from an engineering perspective. David is going to be talking about the differences and similarities in approaches to how “database kernel design and key algorithms” impact performance and troubleshooting bugs and other problems.
  • Valerii Kravchuk’s “Monitoring and Tracing MySQL or MariaDB Server With Bpftrace” is a must-see for developers, SREs, and DBAs alike! Finding bugs, regressions, and performance issues in software is a critical problem all engineering professionals must face. In this talk, you will get a taste of how the Bug & Support King himself Valerii uses Bpftrace to diagnose and find those troublesome issues.
  • Vadim Tkachenko’s talk on “Creating Chaos In Databases” is dive into QA and testing for problems in some of Percona’s core software.   In many modern engineering organizations testing automation and optimization is critical.  Vadim will be sharing some tips and tricks on testing our Kubernetes operators.
  • Sergey Pronin’s talk on “Percona XtraDB Cluster Operator – Architecture Decisions” will walk through the design and implementation challenges the engineering team at Percona had when building our Operators.   If you are developing or contributing to an OSS DB project odds are you’re going to have to work on deployments on Kubernetes sooner rather than later.  Learn about the trade-offs, decisions, and steps taken when building out an operator.
  • Ming Zhang from PingCap is bringing us the background and details on “How We Built a Geo-Distributed Database With Low Latency”. Building large scalable databases is a challenge, and learning from others is critical.

On Thursday, May 13th, how about these sessions:

  • Vladimir Ozerov will be delivering a talk on “Building Cost-Based Query Optimizers With Apache Calcite”.  Query optimizers in databases are a core feature and often one of the most important features when it comes to scale and performance.  Learning about a new approach to an old problem is always open.
  • Percona’s Sanja Bonic & Lenz Grimmer will be talking on “Default to Open: Steps and Traps”.  Can you run your engineering processes and teams completely in the open?  Can you have full transparency?  This should be a good talk.  It does have a special guest moderator… not saying who.
  • Keao Yang will be talking on the session entitled: “Test Applications’ Storage Stability by Injecting Storage Errors”.  This is interesting in many regards because hardware issues are so transient they are often hard to reproduce.  Having tests to automate some hardware errors is interesting.  
  • Wenbo Zhang will be talking about “How to Develop BPF Tools with libbpf + BPF CO-RE” this gets back to diagnosing problems and tracing back performance issues. Regression testing and slowdowns are the banes of many developers and engineering teams.
  • Kyle Davis from AWS is going to be explaining “How to Contribute to a Big, Complex Open Source Project”.  Getting and merging contributions from the community is critical for open source projects.  As developers and engineers on open source projects understanding the user experience for contributions is critical.   
  • Yuvraaj Kelkar &  Mehboob Alam are delivering the talk “Crave for Speed? Accelerating Open-Source Project Builds”  – Crave is a product that is about accelerating the build process and moving faster. These are challenges. It will be interesting to see how deep this gets, but the topic is super interesting.
  • Steve Shaw (Intel)  is going to be talking about “HammerDB: A Better Way to Benchmark Your Open Source Database”. I love benchmarking, I love speed, and I love performance. Setting up consistent performance testing helps track and identify bottlenecks created by new code releases is critical.
  • Karthik Ranganathan CTO at Yugabyte is delivering “Extending PostgreSQL to a Google Spanner Architecture”.  I had Karthik on a few weeks ago on the HOSS talks FOSS podcast and it was a great conversation.  I am very excited about this topic and listening in on the implementation details of this effort.  Today more than ever, learning and integrating ideas, technology, and other components from other open source projects can accelerate your own development efforts.  
  • Ovais Tariq &  Himank Chaudhary from Uber are talking on “Docstore – Uber’s Highly Scalable Distributed SQL Database”. Uber built their own database, why? How? The team will be talking about the work they did and lessons they learned. 

Those are the Hoss’s picks for more developer/engineering-focused picks for Percona Live!

Not registered yet? There’s still time! Don’t miss it! 

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