MySQL 5.7 End of Life Options – Free Course at Percona University Online

MySQL to ClickHouse Replication

Percona University Online has released a new free course, “MySQL 5.7 End of Life Options – Free Course at Percona University Online,” by Dave Stokes, Technical Evangelist at Percona. 

Dave is the author of MySQL & JSON – A Practical Programming Guide. He started to work with MySQL from the 3.29 version and was a part of the MySQL Community Team for over a decade.

MySQL 5.7 reaches its End of Life in October 2023. The Era of MySQL 5.x will be over, and only MySQL 8.0 will be officially supported. Learn how to keep your database secure and performant after that date and what real options you have if you decide to upgrade or stay on the current version. 

This course consists of eight short videos. Pass a brief quiz on Google Classroom afterward to receive a Certificate of Completion from Percona. The lesson list:

  • Lesson 1: Introduction
  • Lesson 2: What MySQL 5.7 EOL Really Means
  • Lesson 3: What are the Real Upgrade Options?
  • Lesson 4: Choosing Percona – Update to Enterprise Features at No Additional Cost
  • Lesson 5: Upgrade Checker Part 1
  • Lesson 6: Upgrade Checker Part 2
  • Lesson 7: Upgrade Checker Part 3
  • Lesson 8: Wrap Up

You can view the lessons directly on YouTube, but you’re eligible for the Certificate of Completion only when you complete the quiz on Google Classroom. You will need a Gmail account. If you join the class from Google Classroom directly, click “Join class” and enter the code of the class “xd36vr4”

For questions or suggestions, visit the Percona Forum Training category or contact us at

MySQL 5.7 End of Life Options – Free Course at Percona University Online

Take the full course and pass the quiz in our Google class to get a certificate.


Take the course


Percona University is Back in Business

percona university

Percona University is a series of free educational events focused on Open Source and Open Source Database Technology, in particular, run by Percona. We run those events worldwide, both in recognized tech hubs and in locations that do not have a lot of tech events taking place, as Open Source shall not know limits and boundaries.

Due to the Pandemic, we had to put this project on pause, but now we’re back! In early June, we had Percona University in Lima, Peru, in partnership with ESAN University, and the community response was outstanding, with almost 200 people signed up!








Next in line are:

Percona University Morocco

Percona University, Casablanca, Morocco, on June 27, 2023

Percona University Serbia

Percona University, Belgrade, Serbia, on July 5, 2023 

Are you interested in bringing Percona University to your city? We rely a lot on local support to make those events successful. In particular, we need help with the venue (an auditorium that sits 50-200 people with AV setup) and local event promotion.

Interested? Fill out this form, and we will get back to you!


Bring Percona University to your city!


Database Teams Run Denver Marathon Relay at Percona Live 2023

Percona Live 2023 Run

As I wrote in my invitation blog post, we got fortunate this year – Percona Live 2023 took place right after the Denver Marathon, which assembled us to put together a fantastic Database Runs event right before the conference.

Percona Staff, Conference Attendees, and local community members took part in this event, and we ran as four teams: MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, and MariaDB.

The Denver Marathon has more than 20,000 runners, and there were more than 1,000 Relay Teams (five members each) which makes for a fantastic run experience; there is always someone to chase, and there is always someone chasing you!

Weather also cooperated – while the day before and a couple of days after it was gloomy because of the forest, we had blue skies during our run.

Team PostgreSQL finished first, finishing #102, in the top 10% of all teams competing, which is a great result, considering so many of us were casual runners and also did not train at the “mile high” altitude of Denver. You can check other team results here by looking for the team number.

Percona Live Marathon



Conquering Mt. Elbert After Percona Live 2023 in Denver

If you’re going to take on the second-highest peak in the lower 48 states, you might as well do it in great company. That’s precisely what we — Matthew Boehm, Michael Coburn, Péter Farkas, Jean-François Gagné, Marcin Gwóźdź, Kenny Gryp, Nando Laudares, and Alexander Rubin — decided to do. Fresh from attending Percona Live in Denver, we set off on a journey to conquer Mt Elbert, standing proud at 14,438′ (4400m).

Mt Elbert Northeast Ridge

We calculated that two nights at 10,000′ (3000m) would acclimatize us sufficiently for the thinner air on the mountain. We decided to take the Mt. Elbert Northeast Ridge Route as it offered the highest chance of a successful summit push, given the amount of snow still on the mountain.

Day 1: Acclimatization

After getting a good night’s sleep, we took breakfast at the Silver Llama, then on to picking up supplies. We headed to the local Safeway for bread, peanut butter, and jam. A few members who had rented equipment picked it up while the rest of us gathered at the hotel, prepping for our first experience on the Mt. Elbert Northeast Ridge trail. The trailhead started at 3075m, and we hiked to a max of 3584m, covering 9 km (5.6 miles) over four hours.

The locals seemed to be enjoying the weather and gladly accepted the food we offered.

The temperatures varied between 18°C to 31°C (64°F to 88°F), which made for a generally comfortable hike. Encountering substantial snow at the tree line, we tried on our snowshoes, breaking them in for the main hike.

As the day ended, we enjoyed the pizza from High Mountain Pies. Highly recommended!

Day 2: Summit Mt. Elbert

We gathered at 4:00 am in the hotel lobby and were on the trail by 4:45 am, our headlamps illuminating the path ahead. With the break of dawn around 5:30 am, we could finally switch off the headlamps and admire the trail in natural light.

Above the clouds

As we ascended, we had some delightful encounters with local fauna:

Furry friends

We reached the summit in two separate teams, taking a group photo to capture this triumphant moment. Despite the chilly winds and the temperature being around 10°C (50°F), the clear skies provided perfect hiking conditions.

Percona Adventure Team

However, the descent proved to be a bit more challenging as ominous-looking clouds moved in, accompanied by sporadic thunder and lightning.

The rivers, despite the warmth in the afternoons, were peaceful and not overflowing their banks.

The Rapids

Friday’s journey had us walking 15 km (9.3 miles) for about nine hours, reaching the summit after five hours of climbing to 4400m (approx. 14,438 ft).

On behalf of the team, I would like to express my gratitude to Michelle Egan, Ella Boucaud, and the whole Percona Live team for ensuring we were organized throughout this adventure.

Also, we would like to share an exciting opportunity for adventurous souls. Peter Zaitsev is organizing a climb to the summit of Aconcagua, Argentina, in early 2024. To be part of this thrilling expedition, click here.


Percona Live 2023 Tutorials

Percona Live 2023

Percona Live will be held May 22nd through the 24th in Denver, Colorado. The first day, May 22nd, is devoted to tutorials. These tutorials are intense, high-quality sessions where you can learn new skills.  The list below is incomplete and may be re-arranged as schedules change.

The instructors are well-known professionals in the open source database communities, and this is your opportunity to learn from them.  The only downside?  Space is limited, and you must register as soon as possible for your choice of tutorials. 

  • Getting Started with Group Replication – Matthew Boehm, Percona
  • MySQL Architectures: Design the Right Solution for Your Needs – Frédéric Descamps, Oracle
  • PostgreSQL Indexes demystified – Charly Batista, Percona
  • Deploying MySQL on Kubernetes with the Percona Operator – Fernando Laudares Camargos, Percona
  • Systematic performance analysis through PMM – Marcos Albe & Augustin Gallego, Percona
  • Percona Xtrabackup: From Zero To Hero – Marcelo Altmann, Percona
  • Unleashing PostgreSQL’s Power: Fine-Tuning for Maximum Performance in Read/Write/Read-Write Intensive Workloads – Ibrar Ahmed, Percona
  • PMM Tutorial – Michael Coburn, Carlos Tutte, Ivan Groenewold, Francisco Bordenave, Percona
  • Introduction to ClickHouse Tutorial – Alkin Tezuysal, Emrah Idman, ChistaDATA Inc
  • The Gordian Knot, Successfully Upgrading PostGIS –  Robert Bernier, Percona

And please watch the Percona Live Website for additions to the list of tutorials and other updates.


Register for Percona Live


Run For Your Favorite Database at Percona Live 2023

Percona Live 2023 Run

Sure, you ensure your database runs, but have you ever thought about running for your favorite database? You can do just that in Denver, Colorado, on Sunday, May 21, the day before Percona Live 2023 kicks off!

Run for database Percona Live

We’re partnering with the Denver Marathon to attract relay teams of five runners each who will complete legs of 3.9 to 6.5 miles (6 to 10 kilometers). We are recruiting runners for Team MySQL, Team MariaDB, Team PostgreSQL, and Team MongoDB.

Want to work with us to organize another team? Let us know!

In addition to putting it on the line for their beloved databases, Denver Marathon Relay participants get a T-shirt and special recognition during Percona Live 2023.

Denver Marathon Database Relay participation is free for Percona Live attendees. Space is limited, so apply as soon as possible by filling out this form.


Elevate Your Percona Live Experience by Climbing MT. Elbert

Elevate Your Percona Live Experience by Climbing Mt Elbert

Percona Live 2023 takes place in Denver, Colorado this year and with my love of mountains, I thought it would be a crime not to combine it with climbing one of the famous Colorado 14ers  (14,000ft+ in height).

Mt Elbert

So we’re putting a team together to climb Mt. Elbert — 14,440ft (4401m) — the highest mountain in Colorado and second highest in the lower 48 states (after Mt. Whitney). Even though it is the highest mountain in Colorado it is a rather easy climb (Class 1) and climbable year-round, so doing it in late May is doable, though some snow and ice are expected on the way.

We plan to have an acclimatization hike in the Mt. Elbert area on May 25th (the next day After Percona Live) and then do a summit attempt on May 26th early in the morning (around 4:30 am).  The weather tends to be worse in the afternoon and snow gets softer. The roundtrip climb should take 7-10 hours depending on the group’s fitness and trail condition.

Interested?  Please fill out this form to indicate your interest and we will get back to you with further details.

No previous mountain climbing experience is required, though you need to be in good physical fitness — enough to go up the hill for many mountains with a small backpack. There are no costs involved. You do not need to attend Percona Live to join us for this adventure, though we of course hope you do!

P.S. – Also check out the Climbing Pico de Orizaba blog post on my personal blog about my personal recent climbing experience (of a significantly harder mountain).


Percona Live 2023 Call For Papers Open!

Percona Live - Call for Papers

Percona Live - Call for PapersPercona Live 2023 will be in Denver Colorado May 22nd through the 24th. This is the premier open source database conference and you not only want to attend but you also need to present at!

We are seeking talks from all experience levels to share their expertise in either 50-minute or 3-hour tutorials. Topics can cover any and all open source database and data-related topics. Whether you are a MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, or a MariaDB expert, Percona Live has you covered! If Kubernetes, Cloud, observability, or DevOps your thing – we want you to! The deadline to submit is February 17th.

    • Breakout Sessions broadly cover a technology area using specific examples. Sessions should be up to 50 minutes in length (including Q&A)
    • Tutorial Sessions present a technical session that aims for a level between a training class and a conference breakout session. Encourage attendees to bring and use laptops for working on detailed and hands-on presentations. Tutorials will be 3 hours in length (including Q&A).

?We want proposals that cover the many aspects of application development using all open source databases, as well as new and interesting ways to monitor and manage database environments.

Accepted speakers for Breakout Sessions and Tutorials receive a free full conference pass. We’ll also widely promote the conference, and share tips on how you can promote your confirmed, rock star speaker status!

Call For Papers

If you are a first-time presenter or just want an extra set of eyes to look over your submissions, please do not hesitate to contact me or any of the other Developer Evangelists at Percona (DM @stoker on Twitter or email at The audience is warm and receptive and really wants you to succeed. So come tell us about your experience implementing something, a new technical trend, or how you solved a problem.

And watch for notices on when tickets go on sale if you decide not to submit a session.

Call For Papers


Join a New Virtual Event This June – Percona Community Live!

Percona Community Live 2022

Percona Community Live 2022Percona Live 2022 in Austin has just ended, but we don’t waste time and we’ve prepared a new event for you. We understand that traveling still might be challenging for both speakers and attendees, and that’s why the event will be virtual. It will take place on June 21 – 23 and will be streamed on YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitch.

For this event, we invited speakers whose amazing talks we were not able to accommodate in the tight schedule of Percona Live, and also other fantastic speakers.

Good news – we still accept submissions from everyone! We are looking forward to hearing from you!  We welcome any talks related to open source technologies, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MariaDB databases, and new & emerging technologies. The CFP closes on Monday, May 31. Don’t hesitate and send your abstracts here now!

Here are some of the amazing talks that are already on the schedule:

  • Flexible Indexing with Postgres by Bruce Momjian (Postgres Evangelist, EDB)
  • PMM on Kubernetes by Denys Kondratenko (Director of Software Engineering, Percona)
  • The Open-Source Distributed Graph Database: Nebula Graph by Wey Gu (Developer Advocate, Vesoft)
  • 10 Deadly PostgreSQL Sins by Matt Yonkovit (HOSS, Percona) and Barrett Chambers (Director, Solutions Engineering, Percona)
  • I Dropped My Database! Now What? – A Dive Into PostgreSQL Backup Using pgBackRest and How to Use it for PITR by Charly Batista (Postgres Tech Lead, Percona)
  • The MySQL Ecosystem in 2022 by Colin Charles (Codership)
  • The Ways of Performance Schema and How to Leverage it for Troubleshooting by Leonardo Bacchi Fernandes (Support Engineer, Percona)

And more!

If you are not ready to talk, we welcome you to join the event as an attendee. Just come to our streams on YouTube, LinkedIn, or Twitch. All the updates will be published on the event’s page. Also, follow us on Twitter so as to not to miss the important news.


What Else Do You Need To Learn at Percona Live?

Learn at Percona Live

Learn at Percona LivePercona Live is about one month away and the schedule has a lot of content. But what are we missing?

Occasionally we have speakers who cannot make the event at the last minute or discover a room with an unused time slot.  So, if we had one of these speaking slots open up, what would you want to see presented?   What subject did we miss or not emphasize on the schedule that needs to be added?

This is your chance to tailor Percona Live to your needs.

Please let me know via email or in the comments before the show and I will pursue your suggestions.  And while I may not know someone who could present ‘Kubernetes Explained In Interpretive Dance’ or ‘GDPR Data Retention Issues for non-European Union Countries’, there is a chance that I can track down someone who does.

Do we need an hour (or so) on data normalization, scrubbing user input, ETL tools,  MongoDB indexing methodology, what’s new in distributed lock management, SQL syntax, or hybrid cloud management?  Sometimes we have no submissions on a subject and therefore have no content in the show but this time we may be able to arrange to get coverage on something missed.

Or are you in the ‘I missed the call for papers deadline and really want to present’ category?  Well, this just may be the last opportunity to speak in Austin for 2022.

We are also looking at presenting a virtual event in late June where we will repeat some of the Austin content and will have room for new content.  So please let me know what is lacking, what you want to learn about, maybe a speaker you would like to see, or some activity you want to be added to Percona Live or the virtual event.  Percona’s staff is pretty sharp at this database stuff but we are not perfect at knowing your needs.  This is your chance to let us know general areas that need emphasis (more beginners subjects or Kube?) to let us serve our community better.

Register for Percona Live

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