Avoid Vendor Lock-in by Embracing Open Source

Percona Open Source Advance

Percona Open Source AdvanceWe are pleased to announce the launch of Percona Open Source Advance (POSA). POSA is a consulting-led migration solution which assesses your existing proprietary database architecture and helps you migrate to the most suitable free open source software available.

Open source software migrations are increasingly mandated as strategic initiatives for companies but often require expert external advice and support. As a leader in open source software, Percona is ideally placed to deliver a solution which solves many common pain points and, most compelling, delivers a significant annual cost reduction.

The 2018 Rimini Street Global IT Innovation Study surveyed 900 CIOs, IT leaders, and financial decision-makers and found that 63% of respondents feel locked into their organization’s enterprise application software vendor relationship. Companies are unhappy for a variety of reasons:

  • Support costs are often extortionate with few available alternatives
  • Annual license fees can be very expensive
  • They are locked-in to their vendor
  • Lack of flexibility as they are unable to embrace new systems or cloud-opportunities (other than those provided by their vendor)

As a champion of unbiased open source software, Percona views open source software as a viable and effective means of securing high-quality, production-ready software without being locked into a license or paying fees.

In your journey to open source, Percona will act a trusted and unbiased advisor, working closely with you throughout the entire open source migration. POSA involves a deep-dive into your proprietary database architecture, comprehensive recommendations, a practical migration plan, and hands-on support and expertise during and after your migration.

Please visit our website and download our new solution flyer to find out more.

Percona has extensive experience advising companies on the best way to configure, manage and run their databases. Contact us to discuss how you can stay at the forefront of technology innovation and benefit from the efficiencies and opportunities that open source software brings.

To discuss how Percona can help, please contact us at 1-888-316-9775, or 0-800-051-8984 in Europe, or click here for us to contact you directly.

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