Percona Toolkit 2.2.12 is now available

Percona ToolkitPercona is pleased to announce the availability of Percona Toolkit 2.2.12.  Released on November 14, Percona Toolkit is a collection of advanced command-line tools to perform a variety of MySQL server and system tasks that are too difficult or complex for DBAs to perform manually. Percona Toolkit, like all Percona software, is free and open source.

This release is the current GA (Generally Available) stable release in the 2.2 series. Downloads are available here and from the Percona Software Repositories.

New Features:

  • pt-stalk now gathers dmesg output from up to 60 seconds before the triggering event.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed bug 1376561: pt-archiver was not able to archive all the rows when a table had a hash partition. Fixed by implementing support for tables which have primary or unique indexes.
  • Fixed bug 1217466: pt-table-checksum would refuses to run on Percona XtraDB Cluster if server_id was the same on all nodes. Fixed by using the wsrep_node_incoming_address as a unique identifier for cluster nodes, instead of relying on server_id.
  • Fixed bug 1269695: pt-online-schema-change documentation now contains more information about limitations on why it isn’t running ALTER TABLE for a table which has only a non-unique index.
  • Fixed bug 1328686: Running pt-hearbeat with --check-read-only option would cause an error when running on server with read_only option. Tool now waits for server read_only status to be disabled before starting to run.
  • Fixed bug 1373937: pt-table-checksum now supports none as valid --recursion-method when using with Percona XtraDB Cluster.
  • Fixed bug 1377888: Documentation was stating that pt-query-digest is able to parse a raw binary log file, while it can only parse a file which was decoded with mysqlbinlog tool before. Fixed by improving the documentation and adding a check for binary file and providing a relevant error message.

Details of the release can be found in the release notes and the 2.2.12 milestone at Launchpad. Bugs can be reported on the Percona Toolkit launchpad bug tracker.

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