Like my MySQL QA series? Here’s how to record your own!

Professional Screen Recording / Screencast Template 1280x720

Professional Screen Recording / Screencast Template 1280×720

Whilst not directly related to MySQL, it may be helpful to post (and open source at the same time) the HD screen recording/screencast template I’ve been using to create the MySQL QA series.

If you’ve never recorded a screencast before, or if you’d like to improve your screen recordings, this short blog post will get you started/help you along the way!


Here’s what you need;
1. Software Budget: $0. Really! All required software is free, provided you have Microsoft Windows to use it on!
2. A reasonable quality headset. I can recommend (and use) a Microsoft LifeChat LX-3000 or similar (~$40)
3. The attached template (right-click the image above and select ‘Save Link/Image As…’ or similar)

Here’s how to get started;
1. Install Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86) from here.
2. Install CamStudio 2.7 or higher. CamStudio can be downloaded from
3. Install CamStudioCodec 1.5 or higher (a good quality codec, available from the same website as in step 2).
4. Use a 1600×900 or higher screen resolution to match the template size (or you can also edit the template).
5. Set the Professional Screen Recording / Screencast Template (right click & save) as your background.
6. Make the settings/follow the instructions as per the template (tip: read everything first before you start).
7. You can scale your to-be-recorded window to match the black frame (and one of the settings as shown in the template makes CamStudio match the recording size exactly to that frame). The black frame ensures that any slight pixel-mismatch still shows nicely in the resulting video.
8. You may like to install a screen marking tool like DemoHelper or ScreenMarker.

If you followed the steps above you will have already covered the blue (top right) “Installation/use” steps nr’s 1-5, and you can now continue with the red steps 1-8 (and read the additional blue tips 1-4).

There’s quite a bit to it, but if you get it setup right the quality will be great!

I hope to see more technical how-to video’s on this and other blogs in the future!


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