Oracle StackEngine Acquisition Part Of Expanding Cloud Strategy

Oracle bi-plane leaving a cloud behind it. After years of ridiculing the cloud, Oracle has been taking it a lot more seriously recently, and it quietly purchased StackEngine last Friday as part of an effort to boost its Platform as a Service offerings.
StackEngine, which is based in Austin, Texas had a very brief announcement on its website linking to It simply stated that the database giant had purchased the… Read More


StackEngine Emerges From Stealth, Adds Operational Layer To Docker

Man walking inside server room towards cloud. StackEngine, a startup out of Austin, TX, emerged from stealth today with $1M in seed funding and a product that gives operations and IT staff a way to manage Docker containers, providing the operations side of the house some control over Docker instances. Docker’s rapidly growing popularity didn’t escape the attention of company founders Bob Quillin and Eric Anderson, both of… Read More

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