CoreOS’s Tectonic container platform gets full support for Microsoft Azure

 CoreOS today announced the general availability of Microsoft Azure support for its Kubernetes-based Tectonic container management platform. It previously only fully supported container deployments on bare metal servers and AWS. Beta support for Azure launched in March and with this new release, Tectonic now offers hybrid support for multi-cloud deployments across its three supported… Read More


CoreOS updates its Tectonic container platform with the latest Kubernetes release, etcd as a service

 CoreOS is hosting its user conference in San Francisco today. Unsurprisingly, the company had a few announcements to make at the event. Most of these centered around its Tectonic platform for managing Kubernetes-based container infrastructures. For the most part, these updates are pretty straightforward. Tectonic now uses the latest version of Kubernetes, for example (1.6.4), which the… Read More


CoreOS’s Stackanetes lets you use Kubernetes to run OpenStack in containers

Container CoreOS today announced Stackanetes at the OpenStack Summit in Austin. Stackanetes (and yes, that name probably isn’t ideal) brings together OpenStack, the open source cloud computing platform that allows enterprises to run their own AWS-style cloud computing services in their private and public clouds, and Kubernetes, Google’s open source container management service. The… Read More

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