Fight! Fight! Fight! Excerpt from Ocean of Dust

Anyone want to read another excerpt from Ocean of Dust? Sure you do :)

Pop over to The Book Hookup and take a look. A little while ago, Celeste over at The Book Hookup did a review too.

After reading the excerpt, stay there and scroll down for a giveaway, but only if you like winning free stuff!

That scene required help from my writing group to get right. Not being a girl (duh!), I didn’t know how they fought. In my original draft  I had them punching each other and all sorts of things. The women in my writing group (bless them!) explained to me “that isn’t how it works”. Apparently girls go in for hair pulling and hair dragging. Who knew? So hopefully you female readers are now nodding your heads in agreement in that fight, perhaps remembering your own school days?

I recommend you add The Book Hookup to your RSS reader or follow it by email. It’s a great review site. Thanks, Celeste.

How dirty did you used to play in your fights as a kid? Please leave a comment below. Maybe I can feature your signature move in a future book. That would be fun. :)


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