Percona Live Europe 2017 Sneak Peek Schedule Up Now! See Available Sessions!

Percona Live Europe 2017

Percona Live Europe 2017We are excited to announce that the sneak peek schedule for the Percona Live Open Source Database Conference Europe 2017 is up! The Percona Live Open Source Database Conference Europe 2017 is September 25 – 27, at the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel.

The theme of Percona Live Europe 2017 is Championing Open Source Databases, with sessions on MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB and other open source database technologies, including time series databases, PostgreSQL and RocksDB. This year’s conference will feature one day of tutorials and two days of keynote talks and breakout sessions related to open source databases and software. Tackling subjects such as analytics, architecture and design, security, operations, scalability and performance, Percona Live Europe provides in-depth discussions for your high-availability, IoT, cloud, big data and other changing business needs.

Below are some of our top picks for MySQL, MongoDB and open source database sessions:


Breakout Talks



Other Open Source Database Topics:

Registration Prices Increase August 9, 2017 – Get Tickets Now for the Best Price!

Just a reminder to everyone out there that the Early Bird discount rate for the Percona Live Open Source Database Conference Europe 2017 ends August 8! The price increases as of August 9, so buy now. The Early Bird rate gets you all the excellent and amazing opportunities that Percona Live Europe offers, at a very reasonable price! Get your tickets as soon as possible for the best price.

Percona Live Europe 2017 Open Source Database Conference will be held at the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, at Golden Lane 8, Dublin, Ireland.

The Radisson Blu Royal Hotel is a prime location in the heart of Dublin. Enjoy this spacious venue with complementary WiFi, expert on-site staff and three great restaurants offering a wide variety of meals. Staying for a couple extra days? Take time to enjoy the different tourist attractions, like traditional beer pubs and XII century castles, located minutes away.

A special hotel rate of EUR 250.00 is available for Percona Live Europe 2017 until August 14, 2017.

You can reserve a room by booking through the Radisson Blu’s reservation site.

  1. Click BOOK NOW at the top right.
  2. Enter your preferred check-in and check-out dates, and how many rooms.
  3. From the drop-down “Select Rate Type,” choose Promotional Code.
  4. Enter the code PERCON to get the discount

This special deal includes breakfast each morning! The group rate only applies if used within the Percona Live Europe group block dates (September 25-27, 2017).

Sponsor Percona Live

Become a conference sponsor! We have sponsorship opportunities available for this annual MySQL, MongoDB and open source database event. Sponsors become a part of a dynamic and growing ecosystem and interact with hundreds of DBAs, sysadmins, developers, CTOs, CEOs, business managers, technology evangelists, solutions vendors, and entrepreneurs who attend the event.


From Percona Live 2017: Thank You, Attendees!

Percona Live 2017

Percona Live 2017From everyone at Percona and Percona Live 2017, we’d like to send a big thank you to all our sponsors, exhibitors, and attendees at this year’s conference.

This year’s conference was an outstanding success! The event brought the open source database community together, with a technical emphasis on the core topics of MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, AWS, RocksDB, time series, monitoring and other open source database technologies.

We will be posting tutorial and session presentation slides at the Percona Live site, and all of them should be available shortly. 

Highlights This Year:

Thanks to Our Sponsors!

We would like to thank all of our valuable event sponsors, especially our diamond sponsors Continuent and VividCortex – your participation really makes the show happen.

We have developed multiple sponsorship options to allow participation at a level that best meets your partnering needs. Our goal is to create a significant opportunity for our partners to interact with Percona customers, other partners and community members. Sponsorship opportunities are available for Percona Live Europe 2017.

Download a prospectus here.

Percona Live Europe 2017Percona Live Europe 2017: Dublin, Ireland!

This year’s Percona Live Europe will take place September 25th-27th, 2017, in Dublin, Ireland. Put it on your calendar now! Information on speakers, talks, sponsorship and registration will be available in the coming months.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Percona Live 2017: Beringei – Facebook’s Open Source, In-Memory Time Series Database (TSDB)


BeringeiSo that is just about a wrap here at Percona Live 2017 – except for the closing comments and prize giveaway. Before we leave, I have one more session to highlight: Facebook’s Beringei.

Beringei is Facebook’s open source, in-memory time series database. Justin Teller, Engineering Manager at Facebook, presented the session. According to Justin, large-scale monitoring systems cannot handle large-scale analysis in real time because the query performance is too slow. After evaluating and rejecting several disk-based and existing in-memory cache solutions, Facebook turned their attention to writing their own in-memory TSDB to power the health and performance monitoring system at Facebook. They presented “Gorilla: A Fast, Scalable, In-Memory Time Series Database (” at VLDB 2015.

In December 2016, they open sourced the majority of that work with Beringei ( In this talk, Justin started by presenting how Facebook uses this database to serve production monitoring workloads at Facebook, with an overview of how they use it as the basis for a disaster-ready, high-performance distributed system. He closed by presenting some new performance analysis comparing (favorably) Beringei to Prometheus. Prometheus is an open source TSDB whose time series compression was inspired by the Gorilla VLDB paper and has similar compression behavior.

After the talk, Justin was kind enough to speak briefly with me. Check it out:

It’s been a great conference, and we’re looking forward to seeing you all at Percona Live Europe!


Percona Live 2017: Hawkular Metrics, An Overview

Hawkular Metrics

Hawkular MetricsThe place is still frantic here at Percona Live 2017 as everybody tries to squeeze in a few more talks before the end of the day. One such talk was given by Red Hat’s Stefan Negrea on Hawkular Metrics.

Hawkular Metrics is a scalable, long-term, high-performance storage engine for metric data. The session was an overview of the project that includes the history of the project, an overview of the Hawkular ecosystem, technical details of the project, developer features and APIs and third party integrations.

Hawkular Metrics is backed by Cassandra for scalability. Hawkular Metrics is used and exposed by Hawkular Services.The API uses JSON to communicate with clients.

Users of Hawkular Metrics include:

  • IoT enthusiasts who need to collect metrics, and possibly trigger alerts
  • Operators who are looking for a solution to store metrics from statsD, collectd, syslog
  • Developers of solutions who need long-term time series database storage
  • Users of ManageIQ who are looking for Middleware management
  • Users of Kubernetes/Heapster who want to store Docker container metrics in a long-term time series database storage, thanks to the Heapster sink for Hawkular.

Stefan was kind enough to speak with me after the talk. Check it out below:

There are more talks today. Check out Thursday’s schedule here. Don’t forget to attend the Closing Remarks and prize give away at 4:00 pm.

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